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Productivity & Success Tips

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How to become a highly effective person

The time runs frighteningly fast, and it’s important to get the best out of the every moment. Whatever is told, the lion’s share of success in any sphere is not talent. Of course, it’s very important to have the bred flair to your field, but it’s far not enough for success. As the practice shows, the highest result in any sphere of life is gained not by simply talented, but by the hard-working and productive people. Though being productive and not lazy is sometimes an inner habit, it can simply be developed.

The first and the key thing one should realize that your successful tomorrow depends on how much you do today and right now to make your tomorrow better. The clarity and the understanding what you’re doing it for will courage you to the action.

I’d like to give several hints on how to make you more productive and, as follows, more successful.

1.    One of the main rules of the effective people is “Do it now”! How many things are never done or done with delay just because we don’t do the things we want and we need right now. We delay the important and unpleasant call, promise ourselves to start exercising from Monday, or come up to a cute girl the next time. Remember that your main asset is today, all you have is today. The life will not wait and if you feel like doing something – do it right now!

2.    Plan your time. So many things have been told about the use of time management, but still many people don’t plan their time properly. The highly effective people plan their time and appreciate every minute. The use of managing your own time is hard to overestimate. At first, since the early morning you know your tasks and will likely to fulfill all of them. At second, if there’s a shortcut of time given to the each task, you will try to do it faster and as a result will have time for more things. At third, you know the price of the precious time, and will unlikely to spend it on swallowing things like web surfing or gossiping.

3.    Get up early. Most of the top managers of major companies get up together with the sun. What are the benefits of this? When you have to get up early, you accordingly go to bed earlier and thus get more quality sleep (it is connected with our body’s natural rhythm). Moreover, when you get up hours before your working day starts, you have several extra hours of self-development. And you will never get this usual morning stress from the lack of time!

4.    Get rid of time consumers. Switch off the TV, minimize the useless talks and don’t check Twitter every half of an hour. You can’t even imagine how much time is taken by trifles like these. 

5.    Concentrate on a single task. Our brain is not aimed at solving several tasks at once. Of course, you can manage them, but, switching from one kind of work to another will make you feel tired soon. So, devote a certain time period to one task only and don’t get distracted. Your productivity will improve significantly.

6.    Find your own ritual of productivity. If you’re one of those who spend a lot of time trying to start working, this will be useful. Start working with a ritual of concrete actions, for example, reading a website or drinking a cup of coffee. Repeat it every day, and soon, after one short action, you will feel yourself full of energy and ready to work.

Being a productive person means to act like this all the time. In other words, one cannot be highly productive in the workplace and spend the evenings lying and watching TV. To be effective and productive means to reorganize your life and build it according to your long-term goals. It may seem difficult at the beginning, but once you got used to it, you’ll be able to do much more in one day and gain the best results in your career as well as in your life.

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