Friday, January 10, 2014

Recycling News

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We put together an organization to provide the availability of goods and services that people would need if they want to stay in their own home as they get older. 
…The children are able to join the organization so they can learn what their parents are going through or will go through as the aging process continues.
…The kids can monitor what mom and dad are doing – for example we can monitor the oven range so that the child will know when a burner is turned on and if it is on for a half hour, the monitor will say something like ‘Hey Dad it is time to turn off the oven’, or ‘Hey Dad it is time to take  your medicine’ …without invading the privacy of the adult. …we have speakers come in to talk about what they can expect. …We have (in the US) 10,000 people retiring every day!”

~ David Willis

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on June 25… titled: The 60-Plus Club

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 -- Recycling News -- 

Asphalt shingles is not something we often think of when we hear the word “recycling” but today we are seeing many companies rising to the Zero Waste Initiative challenges  and by networking with contractors are recycle asphalt shingles into paving material. 

There are about 10 million tons of shingles removed from US homes annually – and just the old shingles from just one roof can help pave 200 feet of a 2-lane highway! Be sure to ask your contractor if they are able to recycle the old shingles, and if they can’t  - consider looking for someone who can. 

Turning old roof shingles into new roads totally makes sense; it creates jobs, stimulates the economy, reduces the volume of materials filling up the space in landfills, reduces the pressures on natural resources and saves energy as well. In fact in Winnipeg (Canada) the landfill-tipping fee is $35 per ton and that means $700,000 is spent annually in sending shingles to the landfill in that city alone.  It is really win-win for everyone involved. 

Visit the resources listed below for more information:

National Asphalt Paving Association (


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