Sunday, January 5, 2014

Referral Corner

This month, as you may have already noticed, we have a theme going on re: green, sustainable homes and property. Today I thought as part of this ongoing theme - it would be prudent to share some resources for our readers to check out when you have time:

-- Referral Corner -- 

Ecological Engineering: specializes in advanced ecological water solutions and septic alternatives, ranging from rainwater systems to landscaping and water conservation and more.

Environmental Design and Management: focuses on creating comprehensive solutions to land use challenges, offering the best community, economic and environmental solutions that do not conflict with one another.

EcoTek: looks at waste water as a resource, creating technologies that allow communities and households to collect waste water and reclaim the nutrients and water, building natural communities that focus on biodiversity.

H20 Futures: utilizing natural systems to capture, clean and store existing waste water, storm water, and seawater for reuse.

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