Sunday, February 9, 2014

Biodiversity in the City

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” 

~ Horace

-- Fostering Biodiversity In The City -- 

Window boxes, vertical gardens, hanging baskets, balcony gardens, roof top gardens, back yard habitat, city garden baskets – boxes – and green spaces, community gardens… all of these and more are becoming more and more common across the planet. 

People are now aware that even the smallest of green space has a positive impact on the planet. From releasing moisture that cools the air, cleaning air pollution, reducing dust and noise issues, providing shade, producing food and habitat for people and creatures of all sizes from butterflies and bats to the tiniest ant. 

Choose to grow more in a wide array of flowering times, food production, shapes and sizes of plants using whatever space you have available to you is a way that any citizen can help create positive change.  Try creating small areas around the yard that attract different kinds of insects, different types of bees or butterflies or ladybugs for instance. See how much food you can produce for your own table with one container on the balcony. Use vertical space too and plant things that grow upright or that hang down from containers and hanging baskets… Plant as many different types of flowers as you can. 

Can you put in a few different kinds of bird or bat or butterfly houses? Can you plant a tree on your property or donate one for the city? All of this makes a huge difference in your community and the more of us that take on this project, the more people we influence with our actions. Share produce, flowers, divisions of your plants, cuttings, etc. with people you encounter to encourage them to green up as well.

Tourists and visitors, friends and neighbors, clients and customers will all become intrigued and therefore more inclined to start their own project. Communities with the most green space and natural beauty will attract tourists to return again and again. They’ll take pictures to show their friends and post on social networking sites. There are all kinds of reasons to start your project this year – no matter how small you feel it might be, it really does impact us all… so thank you, for all that you do.

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