Sunday, February 23, 2014

Taking Time

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“The skilled master of life never opposes things; he never tries to change things by asserting himself against them; he yields to their full force… without ever encountering their direct opposition. That is to say, he treats them positively; he changes them by acceptance, by taking them into his confidence, never by flat denial.”

~ Allan Watts – The Spirit Of Zen

-- Sunday --

 I'm taking the afternoon to work on a manuscript and spending this morning tidying the house, walking the dogs, vacuuming and doing a work out. It is important to take the time away from the office, even when self-employed - even when the office is in the house and never, ever goes away. So today I plan on doing a half day or less in the office. One has to avoid exhaustion and burn out at all costs or production and quality suffer. So today I simply urge our readers to take that time for yourself so that you can fill up that energy reserve and be ready to share your wealth more effectively another day. 

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