Sunday, March 30, 2014

-- Chatter -- 

It has been a crazy time here since January, when I took time off from hosting the radio show in order to concentrate on catching up in the office (taxes, etc.), the home (spring cleaning, etc.), and two manuscripts I was working on. Since January I've accomplished most of these goals including the publication of our 6th book - Rhythm & Rhyme. I'm currently working on the next manuscript - about 1/2 way through the final draft. It has been a busy time and I'm so grateful that all my contacts have been so patient and supportive of us during this time of change. 

The garden seedlings are sprouting... I only did a few tomatoes, peppers and eggplant - as my space is still limited. So I'll have to buy the other plants and flowers again this year. As soon as the spring rains have passed we'll build yet another raised garden bed and fill it with lush humus from the finished compost bin.

Moving here nearly 4 years ago (4 years in October) we've had to start everything from scratch, including new yard-scaping, house improvements and upgrades, creating garden space, growing soil, revamping the business including a new name and new website, and releasing new editions of books that had come out of publishing contracts... and now - new book releases. Exhausting! But rewarding. 

Sadly with all that has been going on I've had a few days where I neglected to post new content on the blog - I hope you all are OK with that and instead browse previous posts.

I intend to start up the radio show hosting gig as of mid-April, hopefully the timing will be right. For those of you who have articles or poetry, please feel free to submit them for consideration for publication on this blog.  I also offer World of Writing Q&A interviews here so if you know of authors or poets out there who might want to take advantage of this free exposure, just connect with me via our site:  

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