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common mistakes made in the writing industry

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“Motivation is an external, temporary high that PUSHES you forward. Inspiration is a sustainable internal glow which PULLS you forward.” 

~ Thomas Leonard

Common Mistakes Made In The Writing Industry:


As members of the media, writers and published authors, Dave and I have seen a lot of mistakes in the 15 years we’ve been in this industry, many of which are quite commonly done. If you send out communications with these obvious errors it makes you look lazy and uneducated. It also gives the impression that it would be a lot harder to work with you, if they have to correct these kinds of mistakes in your work.

One that a lot of people in the industry make is stating that their book is entitled Towards Understanding. Entitled, by definition, means ‘deserving of’ or has ‘earned something’. The word they should be using is: titled – meaning: ‘the name of”’. Instead – the book is titled: Purple Snow Flake Marketing.

Here are some other common mistakes:

- Sending out queries, or book proposals, that have either too much or too little information.

- Sending emails with attachments, images embedded in the body, or moving images and emoticons. Remember to treat an email like it is a professional resume.

- Incorrect spelling and grammar will be caught by most computer programs – they will mark them with squiggly green underlines or red lines. Learn how to make use of your spelling and grammar checker! 

- Writers sending emails that don’t specify what they want, what they can offer, not offering links to their main website or their contact information.

- Queries to media that obviously don’t fit the genre or topic of the contact (i.e. the author of a book that has a political theme querying to a radio show that specifically states no politics in their guidelines).

- Sending unnecessary materials to the contact. For example I have has been sent everything from full-page glossy photos and 10 pages of information (printed on one side) that can be found on the author’s website. I’ve also been sent numerous copies of one book or product – when one would do, and sometimes before they’ve even sent a query my way.

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