Sunday, March 23, 2014

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 -- Quote of the Day -- 

“We started in Jonathon Jakes Childrens Cancer Center and we started adding elements and bringing friends in and then we were able to expand and bring in another hospital and we kept going and we are now in 7 hospitals serving 3500 children and their families every year.  It has been quite an experience especially for a choreographer, so I had a very large learning curve, but I felt so blessed every day because I was able to grasp what we were doing… the thought of children sick or dying was something I just didn’t want to expose myself to, but what happened was that I went in to help them but those children ended up blessing me. …The kids they just want to be normal, so when we go in we really try to give them normalcy – so when they come in to Discovery Arts they get to choose a new costume; we have make up and face painting, we have a theme art project, we do music, we have guest artists, we dance… One of the best things we came up with is we have these bed side adventure kits that are loaded with creative things they can do when they are too sick and cannot leave their bed. gives you a renewed and refreshed feeling about life and how precious and fragile it is and how we should all be so grateful for everything we can do. …how lucky you are, and how much good you can do for children who can’t go to school or take dance lessons.”

~ Marilyn Clements

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Aug 6 2013… titled: Discovery Arts Org.

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-- Referral Corner -- 
 This section of the blog is reserved to recommend and highlight amazing (mostly nonprofit) organizations and their volunteers/members who work so hard to make the world a better place. Visit their sites, see if there is some way you can support them or spread the word about them, and let them know you heard about them via this blog :)

Young Canada Works Program: This organization offers students and recent graduates the chance to increase skills, pursue dreams or passions while building careers and earn money. The program also offers employers an opportunity to benefit from innovative ideas and competitive skills. Wage subsidies are available for eligible employers.

East Kootenay Conservation Program: We are so proud to live in the Kootenay region of BC, Canada and as such are thrilled that there are so many organizations in this region working hard to make the communities, wildlands and the whole world a better place. This program actually partners with over 70 regional organizations in conserving landscapes that sustain naturally functioning ecosystems. Together they have worked to conserve over 250,000 hectares of land and have invested $150 million into conservation projects across the Kootenays.

Association of State Wetland Managers: A nonprofit membership organization established in 1983 to promote and enhance protection and management of wetland resources, to promote application of sound science to wetland management efforts, and to provide training and education.

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