Tuesday, April 15, 2014

computer malfunction

My office computer had a melt-down... apparently some kind of hardware issue that has yet to be fixed. In fact, we aren't sure it can be fixed, or if my data can be recovered. ugh. So that means I don't have access to my calendar and don't know what is scheduled, or what I'm missing. It also means that all my content for the blog posts is unavailable, and that I can't maintain the regular office duties. We'll find out today whether the computer is even worth repairing, whether we have to buy another, and whether the data is recoverable or not. ugh. Am I stressed? You Bet ! However I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and distract myself with garden and yard work instead. 

I beg your patience and indulgence during this transition here... and know that I'll be back at it as soon as I am able. In the meantime please do scroll through the archives here on this blog (the posts), browse the links on the side panels, and listen to the archived audio from the radio show. 
And if I've missed something we've scheduled together, please do forgive this error as I have no control over this issue at this time. We'll be back in action soon though.

In appreciation,

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