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 -- Poetry -- 

Occasionally, I like to share excerpts from our published books of poetry. Today I'd like to share 2 from the Rhythm and Rhyme book:

Rhythm & Rhyme:
I chose this first poem based on a recent interview where the host and I were discussing the tendency for women to refer to themselves as "just" this or that. I wrote this poem tongue in cheek but with a powerful message. 

Women - Know Your Place

Women - know your place!
How DARE you go beyond
Where you are MEANT to be?
It is NOT your place 
To feel criticized or downsized
Or set standards no other can meet.
It is NOT your place
To fulfill your mother's dream
Or your father's expectation.
It is NOT your place 
To meet the ideals set by the masses
Or to reach without your "Self". 
You are NOT "only" wives
You are parnters, supporters
You are friends and lovers.
You are NOT "only" mothers
You are educators, nurturers
You are comfort and love.
You are NOT "only" a worker
You are creative, a giver of tools
You make a mark every day. 
You ARE unique as you were meant to be.
Every breath reveals an opportunity,
And it IS your place to pursue it.

* by Lillian Brummet, 2007

This next one was written by Dave and is a light-hearted look at the note papers I leave on his desk or on his spot at the kitchen table of the honey-do's I have for him. :)


I have a book of lists
That my life insists
I must complete
Before I retreat
Down to my room
And out of the sun

I must not desist
From doing my list
For if I fail
And my chores curtail 
I'll meet my doom
Before I have fun

Not knowing what to do 
Without that list left by you
Has me wandering around
With my head hanging down
Although it may seem 
Very easy for you
I am lost with out my 
List of to-do's 

* by Dave Brummet, 2013

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