Friday, May 23, 2014


-- Quote of the Day -- 

Everyone is the age of their heart. 

~ Guatemalan Proverb

-- Poetry -- 

Today I'd like to share a couple excerpts from my book 

Together Yet Apart

I am glad we are still friends,
That we can still relate;
I am glad we made amends,
Before it was too late.
Yes, we live our separate lives now.
'Cause time is too soon lost and gone,
But together - yet apart - we'll make it somehow.
We will be forever friends, this I now know.
No matter what comes, no matter what goes.
Together - yet apart - we will continually grow,
Until, together, we reach our highest goals.
Then, on that day, we will celebrate again,
What we have conquered together, my friend.
Helping each other along the way
We can make it through another day.

* Lillian Brummet, written in ode to R. Johnson

Go Ahead And Cry 

You give love with all your heart, 
Until you endure no more.
Now things start to fall apart,
You hae used all you had in store.
The tears begin to fill the brim,
And you start to softly cry,
For bygone years and how they dim.
Long ago, when laughter came easy, 
It was so simple to believe
In fairy tales, romance and magic...
But now you can only grieve.
You ask what happened to that child,
Full of laughter and innocence.
Life then seemed so exciting and wild...
Until you were forced to learn defense.
I know that sometimes you want to run from life;
Sometimes you just can't be that strong.
Love and hate tangles you in strife.
So now, pour out your mournful song. 
Cry now, for all those illusions that fooled,
And your wasted summer nights,
For because of them, your heart has cooled,
And become cynical, demanding rights.

* Lillian Brummet

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