Tuesday, June 3, 2014

-- Garden -- 

I wanted to thank everyone for your patience while I physically exhaust myself on our landscaping projects. You read about our projects on the 22nd and also just the other day (see post below)... We have all 7 trees in now and 3 shrubs so far. Interestingly not only are we going to reduce the wind, dust and heat issues for our neighborhood... we are increasing the value of our property, while supporting beneficial life (birds, butterflies, bats, butterflies and insects that will both pollinate our plants and eat up the potential garden pests). But most important to us is the fact that we know that these plants will help mitigate global warming - annually, when mature the 7 trees and 11 shrubs will absorb 1875 kg of pollution and release enough clean oxygen for 25 people every single year. They'll also provide leaves for our garden soil production. Besides all of this we've made the neighborhood a little more beautiful with the diverse leaf color and berry and flower production.

We'll inter-plant with iris and day lilies and the entire thing will be mulched well.

We should have this project done in this next week and be back to normal soon after that as far as our schedule goes.

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