Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Landscaping - done!

 -- Chatter -- 

Whew! Well the landscaping is in now, and in fact I was able to glean from a couple more neighbors. One is taking out a bed she has under her narrow deck because it is too difficult to maintain... and I was able to take one of her dark almost black-purple iris from there for the landscaping project. Another house has been available for sale for a long time and is kinda abandoned - a lot of their flowers had expired but I took a small division of their dwarf iris for this project. another neighbor has a back yard they don't use or maintain and the grass is chest high - but beyond that you can see remnants of an amazing gardener's handy work some years ago... there's a huge berm of various peony, rose and other plants there. She suggested I take some peony for the landscape beds and so I chipped a couple roots off... and hope they take. They look a little wimpy and wilted right now. Anyway all the mulch is spread on the beds and the last bit of finished compost ("humus") has been distributed around the yard.

I'm exhausted! lol - I got a spell of heat stroke a few days ago and had to hide in the cool house for a while, but am feeling perkier now. 

So - back to work in the office! Thanks so much for being patient with me on this. Hey - have you had a chance to check out our list of books? Currently 6 available now, but another will be out soon! So keep checking the Store page of our site for updates on new products, etc.

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