Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 -- Quote of the Day -- 

"You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be -
I had a mother who read to me."
~Strickland Gillilan

 -- Gardening --

Definition of Back Yard Habitat (www.cwf-fcf.org) and Bee Friendly Garden/Farming (www.pollinationcanada.ca) certification:

Recognition of farmers and gardeners who plant native and pollinator-friendly plants, minimize tilling, use no chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides), and provide both water and habitat for a wide array of living beings.

Definition of Natural Insect Pest Control (http://natural-insect-control.com):

Use of organic and environmentally friendly beneficial insects, biological pest controls while creating a biodiverse and healthy ecosystem.

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