Sunday, August 31, 2014

Heat from compost ???

-- Innovative Use For Compost -- 

Many of our loyal blog readers and former radio show listeners may remember the many times I've highlighted the benefits of composting, composting organizations and companies, how-to compost, compost systems, and how some companies have high-tech set ups where they are able to encourage and collect gasses released from the composting process that are used as fuel to heat buildings, create electricity and so on.

Today I'd like to talk a little about one really interesting way for at-homer's to use their compost in yet another way.

As most gardeners know, composts can generate a lot of heat. Some gardeners place a compost pile next to their greenhouse for the winter months, others will put a compost inside the greenhouse with a pipe for ventilation. The heat from the compost will help the greenhouse compete with the colder days of winter, and I suppose it would be pleasant to venture into a warm greenhouse to dump the kitchen compost bucket and not have to deal with snow, etc.

What a lot of people are doing now is building a compost pile over plastic water lines that are then filled with water. The water in those lines will absorb the heat, and because temperatures can get up to 149˚, the water can get quite hot. By pumping the water through radiant floors or into the hot water system, people can save up to 80% of their costs. 

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