Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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-- Quote of the Day -- 

At times, challenges hit with the force of a roaring, rushing waterfall. The true test, however, is whether you can put your arms up and enjoy the feel of the water.

 ~ Aviva Kaufman

Whew! I'm back in the office. Apologies for that - but our garden cleanup and a few other house projects just needed more attention than I could give it while working the office as well. Some times we, as self-employed and self-marketing business owners have to make the call to take time for other life projects and people as well. lol I've often wished I had a couple more hands and at least one employee... a personal assistant of sorts. (ha, ha). 

Book sales have really taken a dive since the changing economy a few years ago and while the economic recovery is happening it is very slow. There is also a record number of some 3,000 or more books published every single day. Yep - every day. Trying to get your books to receive big sales in this era is very difficult. I'm so glad that we decided some time ago to diversify our business and offer a number of varying services. 

Earlier this year we had a computer malfunction... my hard drive fried, melted actually. So we had to invest in another computer and that took a lot of time getting it set up with the new programs, etc. Sadly I wasn't able to recover my data so I had to go back to our most recent data save file (which wasn't really recent enough) and try to recoup what I could and make up the rest via researching the old emails, etc. 

It took quite a while for me to muster the energy and enthusiasm for re-writing the manuscript. Luckily I did print out what I had done only because I needed to use it as well - so I do have that to fall back on too. 

Now that the garden is reaching completion and cold weather is coming we are in a bit of a scramble to harvest, process, clean up and amend the gardens and finish existing projects. Whew! 

Dave's drum lessons will be starting up next week - so I put out a few announcements locally; already there are some students from last year vying for his time. We sure appreciate that. 

Today I am really physically hurting, so I'm trying to take the morning off from physical work letting the bod recover a bit... Great time to get back at the blog! I actually missed the blogging process and look forward to what the future reveals here for all of us. 

A lot of folks out there are already planning their gift shopping so I want to put out a reminder that we do have 6 books available that may appeal to your gift-giving recipient list this year. Please do check out the store page on our site to learn more: http://brummet.ca/store.html ...by supporting us this way you are helping us keep free services like this blog active. 

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