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Today we have Qwana Reynolds sharing her thoughts on the world of writing. She is a self-published author for the Friend In Your Pocket series, written to motivate anyone wanting to enhance and enrich their lives. Qwana tells us that her goal is to show readers that they have a story to tell and they should look at their trauma as a gift, and to make them aware of what others are going through. They should ask themselves the question, how can I help the people around me that have overcome or are in the process of overcoming trauma? Writers like Qwana have a sincere mission of helping the readers become more conscious and enable them to make better decisions that will impact our world in a positive matter.

Q: Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Qwana Reynolds and I love writing. I love thinking about writing and I am grateful that I get to add to the universe's canvas with my colorful pen! 

Q: Did you choose writing as a profession, or did it choose you?

You never choose to write. Writing attacks your imagination and attaches to you as a child and never leaves you. Writing lays dormant in some of us because we have not yet had the experiences needed to start our masterpieces. Everyone has the urgency to write at the right times in their lives and not a second before.

Q: What are common mistakes authors make?

As a writer, and knowing other writers, the mistakes I see frequently are over thinking, writer's doubt, and low writer's esteem. Writers are the queens and kings of revisions. We never feel correct enough or good enough. We also get bad advice from non-visionaries, which hinder us further. 

Q: What are your greatest obstacles and motivators when it comes to writing?

The biggest obstacle for writers is accepting the fact that everyone will not accept you. Everyone will not appreciate you and you must be okay with that. This obstacle is my motivation in knowing that I am affecting the minds of other humans. People are thinking about the words that I have strung together. I am motivated by the challenge of changing the heart of non-believers of my work. Writers must follow their gut instincts. The most powerful thoughts usually come first. Writers must exhibit confidence when presenting their work because your critics sense low writer's self esteem and they will attack you even if your work is flawless. 

Q: What is your favorite memory in your career as a writer?

My favorite memory is recalling writing my books while sitting in my office at work and knowing that this would be my last job. My books being my ticket off the hamster wheel made me excited about walking in my purpose. 
Q: Excuse me, but did you say you wrote your books at work? How did this happen?

I literally wrote my books as I working as a social worker in a juvenile detention facility. This job was my muse because it pushed me into writing everyday since I knew writing was my true calling. This job was just a vehicle to get me to my ultimate destination. I devoted 3-4 hours a day to writing in the midst of my chaotic job even if it meant staying up late because I was inspired. 
Q: What do you think about self-publishing?

I love self-publishing. It allows you complete creative control over your project. With all the free self-publishing websites money is not a barrier to getting your book to market any longer. Self-publishing helps you learn the business of publishing and helps you to sharpen your marketing skills. All authors, as with any artist, should understand the business that they are in fully. Self-publishing also helps introverted writers navigate the market without fear of rejection. Writing and publishing from the comfort of home is just awesome. 

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