Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Encouragement for more green space

 -- Quote of the Day -- 

"But love of the wilderness is more than a hunger for what is always beyond reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only home we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need - if only we had eyes to see."

~ Edward Abbey

-- Positive News -- 

Did you know that lawns just within the US use up about 50% of residential water use, consume 3 million tons of fertilizer and 800 million gallons of gas every single year?   

Imagine those numbers multiplied by the entire world! 

What would those #'s look like if we turn just part of our lawns or landscaping or even the median strip or balcony or roof line – into food production?

Gardens strengthen the community financially because people are spending less of food and are then able to buy other things in the community or make home improvement investments that will reduce their cost of living and their impact on the environment via energy savings, etc. 

Small garden production can also eradicate hunger – filling pantries, freezers and fresh food drawers in many fridges. Gardeners almost always have excess that they share with their friends, family and work place colleagues as well as food share programs, missions for the poor, and school or business run lunch programs, food banks and more. 

And ...People who spend time in gardens have less stress, heal faster and are healthier. 

Local food has more nutrients because food is harvested fresh, ripe on the vine, and doesn't travel far to get to the table. Some foods can lose as much as 50% of the nutrients they had upon harvesting before it hits our grocery store shelves. So even if your local consciously grown food costs a little more (which it rarely does, most of the time you'll save money) you are actually getting more nutrients per dollar that you spend... more value for your money.

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