Friday, November 14, 2014

Gift Ideas

At the risk of self promotion today,  I'd like to just mention that Dave and I do have 6 wonderful, economically priced, ethically produced non-fiction books that I hope you will consider for your gift-giving shopping list. Remember too that not only are you helping to support this free blog, but you are also helping us raise funds for charity - since 10% of everything we earn from the Brummet Media Group business goes to charity.   

I'll place the small icon images of our books below but you can find a full list of details here: 
* Note: all books are available in e-book formats as well.

Looking for other gift giving ideas?  ... book 2 of the Trash Talk series offers a list of eco-friendly conscious proactive living gift ideas that have a positive impact on the enviornment. 

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

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