Sunday, November 16, 2014


-- Poetry -- 

Yep - time for poetry. As my blog readers are likely aware, I like to share poetry occasionally here... and it is time for another installment :)

 Living Disease

There are too many children
Walking the dirty streets;
Too many children
With this living disease.

Where are the heroes? 
They've succumbed to cement.
Where are the parents?
They're trying to pay the rent.

When TV's babysit
And computers consume the rest...
Glued to cells and berries and pods,
And one more list to do.

This use of knowledge 
Is dumbing down our world.
A lack of life skills
Leaves minds in a whirl.

Compliance to violence;
Shaking hands admit defeat.
Why don't we stand up
To this living disease?

* Excerpted from the Brummet's latest book: Rhythm and Rhyme
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