Sunday, January 25, 2015

Solar Power News

 -- Quote of the Day -- 

“Better to keep yourself clean and bright; 
you are the window through which you see the world.” 

~ George Bernard Shaw

-- Positive News --

Alternative power is picking up by leaps and bounds across the globe! It is an exciting time we live in. You know, one of the issues with peak oil effect is that greener energy sources, combined, have to replace all that oil does for us with the same or similar power behind it. So can we fly a plane on solar? Can we power a train? These kinds of questions are certainly being answered. Scroll through the archives on this topic and you'll see we've highlighted incredible experiments and trials and successes over the years. 

Just recently I learned of the Solar Impulse 2 aircraft which runs entirely on solar power and is leading the way to proving solar can indeed replace oil. 

There are many ways of generating solar panels from the rental of solar panels to consumers directly, to consumers purchasing and outfitting their homes and businesses, to farms leasing land use without interrupting their food production, to solar farms on and off land. Some of those solar farms are absolutely monstrous, covering acres of land. Topaz Solar Farm (California, US) is a cluster of 9 million solar panels generating enough energy to power 160,000 US homes annually. There are numerous farms like these going up across California, Nevada and Arizona  such as Desert Sunlight farm and the Solar Star farm.  It is interesting to note that solar panels on roof tops and parking lots and over farm land and so on do not impede other human or animal activities. In fact they often utilize disturbed and desert-like land, and include careful consideration to wildlife / environment impacts.

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