Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We are back!

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Hey everyone - I'm back. I hope you had a chance to browse our archives both here on the blog and the radio show. As you know I took some time to just be, to recover and refresh. Whew! We sure got hit hard by the super-flu bug that was going around that decided to settle down deep in my lungs for weeks. Dave and I are feeling better now and with the holidays over we are ready to get going again on our home business - Brummet Media Group. 

I may not be posting here every-single-day on this blog - due to working on another manuscript and finishing the garage project (we enclosed the open carport, built walls, insulated them and are now doing the interior drywall work). The garage project has already resulted in great savings - with more than 3/4 of the new walls done (insulated, plastic covered, boarded and house wrapped) we found that when cold days of -10˚C our garage was only 0˚. So that is quite the savings... especially when you factor in that the garage is situated under our living room/office areas of the house. 

Home upgrades like this really do make a big impact on the environment over the long term because every year after each improvement yields ongoing and accumulative savings (financial and energy use). We've done a lot to this home in the 4 years we've been here from insulation and venting in the attic to new appliances, new doors and windows, new water saving toilets, water conserving faucets and taps, gardens and landscaping and planting trees, lighting upgrades, fencing and house repairs, and way too many things to mention here. In doing so however we will continue to see cost-of-living savings for as long as we own this home, and for the people who take it over from us as well (many, many years from now).

 So getting back to my original idea for this post... I will do the best I can to keep this blog happening regularly for you but may not be able to have new content every single day. Do keep popping in though as I'll be adding fresh content as much as my schedule allows.  Also, if you want to contribute - we do accept articles, poetry, press releases and information about non-profits or conscious living events, etc. So keep your queries coming :)

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