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Yep - another fine day to share poetry! For those of you who are interested - Dave and I have 2 books of poetry out and you can find more via:

Towards Understanding

 The Sound of a Soul

Have you heard the sound of a soul set free?
The soul has may sounds,
If you could hear them you'd agree.
But the only sounds a mortal hears,
Are the bitterness and the tears;
The sounds of blame, fear and shame.
But if you can, listen
Listen close and hear
The harmonious singing
The beautiful sound ringing 
From that same soul, once masked and held prisoner
In the body you knew so long ago.
Yes the body has been asked to leave,
And it is alright to hurt and grieve.
Just listen closer and you'll hear,
That her soul is happier being free.

 A Thought

Most of us are mixed of heart.

Most of us have been torn apart.

How much pain can one endure,

And still retain some innocence?

Is it just me, or do others see

This comical, sadistic error of confusion

That we are pleased to call "human".

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