Thursday, April 30, 2015

earthquake relief, Nepal

-- Earthquake Relief Fund --
The Basa Village Foundation USA Inc. has opened a GoFundMe account as a way for those who would like to respond to the pressing and immediate needs in Nepal due to the earthquake.  However, we will be prudent in how funds are distributed and remain true to our corporate principles of culturally sensitive development in partnership with the local people who will do the work and own the results of our financial contributions.  We have a sister foundation with HQ in Katmandu, Basa Village Foundation Nepal NGO, which is in charge of distribution of funds raised for purchase of needed goods and services.  All labor for re-building and construction is provided by villagers without compensation.  We do not have paid staff or administrative costs as all our foundation work is through the efforts of our volunteer officers and members.
Our main contact in Nepal, Niru Rai, Chairman of BVF-Nepal reports that Basa village has suffered catastrophic damage.  (see below)  So, the specific goal of this fundraising campaign will be to help re-build Basa and to restore the village school, hydro-electric system, water system, smokeless stoves and the other village infrastructures the BVF-USA has supported.  We won't distribute any funds until we can make a meaningful assessment of needs of the village and, as is our practice, our Board will be guided by our friends in Nepal to determine how we can best help the villagers of Basa.  
GoFundMe account Link:
Or, you can make donations direct to the Foundation.
Check payee:  Basa Village Foundation
Mail care of:  Jeff Rasley, 6422 Ralston Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220
If any of you belong to an organization that could host a program on Nepal Earthquake Relief, please check with me about it.  I and other board members of the BVF-USA will be able to do "soft fundraisers" with local churches, synagogues, temples, or civic organizations.

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