Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In the Moment

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Some walk away from their dreams 
afraid they might fail or worse yet, 
afraid they might succeed.”

~ unkown

 -- In The Moment  -- 

My friends and I have had a lot of discussions over the years about how this moment is our "golden" moment - those "golden years" of yonder do not exist and may never exist for all we know. We talk about how coming back to the moment helps us realize how many opportunities there are in one single day. It makes you more aware to things that were always there, only now you notice a few more of them. We also find that by changing our thinking to living this moment also helps us to be more conscious of the impact that we are having in each moment. Is it a positive or negative impact - is that the way we wanted to spend our moment? 

I hope that some day when you are sitting or strolling in nature, this thought will cross your mind once again, time and time again. Because if it affects you like it has my friends and I - well, it could really change the world couldn't it? 

When I was 20, I was afraid to own my own business and needed the security of a business partner but when that partner fell through I continued on because we had done a lot of work and she encouraged me to. It was super scary! I ran that business for 6 years. 

When we first looked for a our very own home it was at the same time that we realized that we were tiring of big city life, an opportunity came and we launched at it even though it didn't quite lead to our dream until much later - it was still as step along the way. We did what we could to prepare and made the leap. It was super scary! 

After the loss of friends and  Dave's mom passing, we decided we should fill that "bucket list" and began a writing career in earnest - writing about things we passionately believed could have a positive impact and was a kind of legacy for us to leave behind. 6 published books later, we are working on our 7th - and this career included running a daily blog, hosting/producing a radio show and working with the media. It was super scary!

...and a few years later, my parent's suicide - led us to rethink that "golden year" promise somewhere in the future. Today, this moment is all we have. 

So we sold what we could, gathered everything, prepared like crazy and made the move to our dream location (one that we were going to move to in our golden years) and did the steps to start up a new business here. It was super scary!

While our "dream" didn't quite turn out like we had in our minds  - our life now is much closer to our dream, as close as is realistic at least. Yet we are driven people, always looking to finish one project so that we can start another. Being driven can be a good thing, but too much of it can lead to an unbalanced life.

We are so grateful every day for learning how to live in the moment. To not be stressing about yesterday (would have, should have, could have) and the future (what will we do?) - we slow down. Enjoy the moment, the flower scent, the expression on the dogs faces, the embrace with a neighbor friend, etc. We do so much more now, enjoy so much more now and share so much more now.

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