Wednesday, April 22, 2015

man-made trees

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Kindness reminds us that each person has a soul, 
each soul searching for its purpose.”

~ Deri Bakker

-- Positive News -- 

A few years ago here on this blog I wrote about carbon sequesturing man-made "trees" -  pulling in the traffic pollution along streets. Just a few months ago I also wrote about some new innovations with solar man-made "trees" - collecting power, providing shade in public areas.  Well today I'd like to chat about wind trees ... also man made.

Like the other man-made trees, these wind trees are built with steel, plastic and turbines. The tree is apparently silent, and work even when there is very little wind.

These trees can really help use existing space, creating shade, while generating  power for public lighting, or carbon sequestering properties.

 Isn't it amazing where technology is leading?

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