Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review --

We started networking with Michael - from Antrodesk.ca - regarding the Dual Cable Clips for managing wire and cables on April 3rd, and the product arrived on April 17th via “letter mail” , just 15 days after our first communication.

I received 2 sets of the Dual Cable Clips, each set comes in a pack of 3 clips; one set was black in color the other was pink. The purpose of this product is to organize wires and cables for the office and can hold many different sizes and shapes ranging from TV, iPhone, Smartphone, cell phone, computer, and USB cords – they can also hold pens!

There are 3 benefits that set this product ahead of its competitors on the market. First – it is designed to hold 2 cords, whereas most others are designed to hold only one. Also, the clips are incredibly easy to install – simply peel off the backing and stick to the surface of choice. The 3rd benefit is the strength and versatility of the authentic 3M adhesive will keep sticking while others fall off because of low quality adhesive. You can stick these onto virtually any surface including plastic, metal, wood and glass.

My husband Dave (a parts department manager at the local Ford outlet) was really impressed with the 3M adhesive as he’s familiar with their reputation for making strong products – used in auto accessories (bug deflectors, hood scoops, visors, wheel and fender flares) so you know they are bonded well. Dave was thrilled with an idea that struck him after thinking a few seconds about where to best use this product. As a musician he’s come up with some creative ways to save time – musicians break down their gear and set up and break down and set up repeatedly for different situations, different gigs, different locations and different sound systems. So with these cable cord organizers he would be able to rig his kit for microphone cables, keeping the set tidy and easier to breakdown and set up.

Taking both sets of the clips to his drum studio to try out his idea he found that his thick audio microphone cables fit perfectly in the clips. They allowed him to organize cables on the drum-set rack itself – the black ones were perfect in blending into black/chrome hardware, whereas the pink ones were ideal for the backside of the rack – while not his color style, they are more visible in the dark areas in between all the different drums and the shadows they create.

Drum set prior to using clips
Drum set after clips were installed

All in all – I have to say that we are impressed and pleased with the product. Musicians should definitely have this in with their gear and recording studios would greatly benefit from the clips, too. We highly recommend this product.

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