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World of Writing, Interview

-- World of Writing -- 

We are joined today by Paula Youmell, author of Early Morning Coffee & Donuts: For Tending Body, Mind & Soul (Christine Anderson Publishing) Paula is a holistic RN, physical education teacher, Fitness & Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Reiki Master. in Potsdam, NY. She invites you to visit her at her site:

Q: Who inspired you to pursue a career in writing?

A: This is a who and a what question: Who inspired me are the people I work with one on one and in classes. I tended to be “teaching” the same basic things over and over. I decided to put this information in a book so I had a health and healing handbook to share with people.

The what part is my intense desire to help and support people to realize they are the ones in control of their health and healing. I figured if I had a book about self-responsibility in healing I could reach more people faster.

Q: How does writing help you make a difference in the world?

A: I want to help spread the word about healing. Our culture is so caught up in the western medical’s system of quick fixes, which basically are just band aids covering up the boo-boo, symptom control and not true healing. I sincerely want to make a dent in this mentality and take people back to our roots of healing which is trusting in the natural world and believing in our innate ability to heal.

Q: What do you do when you are not writing?

A: As a Mom intent on feeding my kids well, I gathering good local food and prepare healthy meals for my kids.

I am an avid outdoors person. I spend as much time as I can outside doing yoga, walking, hiking, biking, swimming, rollerblading, mountain climbing, canoe & kayaking, cross country skiing, gardening, truly anything I can to just be outside.

Q: What gave you the idea (inspiration) for this book?

A: I was constantly being told “I completely understand the changes you recommend for my health and healing. I do well for a while, maybe for a few weeks, and then I am back to the same old habits.” Trying to help others open their mind and soul to the possibilities available to them, the energy of healing, I began writing and sending Monday and Friday emails to inspire good lifestyle habits. Clients told me they really helped them to focus, stay on track, and open their mind sets to change, real change. Putting them in a book to help more people, reaching the masses, seemed like a great idea.

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced in writing your non-fiction books?

A: My biggest challenge in writing is finding the time to write.  I have a busy lifestyle being a Mom, healer, teacher, and presenting community classes and workshops. Carving out time to write while maintaining balance in my life, and a bit of time for myself, can be… well is a challenge!
Q: What was your path to publication

A: I self-published my first book. This was a fine choice and a learning experience, I suppose. This time around I started writing proposals and even took a writing book proposal course with Linda Sivertson,

Inadvertently I crossed paths with an author who had published with Christine Anderson Publishing. We shared information and I decided to contact this publisher. I wrote a brief proposal and contacted Christine Anderson. After discussing publishing options with her I decided this would be a good path to follow.

Q: What is the wisest thing anyone has said to you?

A: I was explaining to my then 8 and 11 year old sons that life does not always work out the way you plan or hope it will and that being flexible and open to change helps make change flow better. You know, the parenting talk about disappointment and such. My 8 year old looked at me in the most innocently wise way and said: “when you lift the corner of the clouds, the sun is always shining.”

His words, in this Mom teaching moment, literally took my breath away.

The wisdom of the world is in each and every one of us. Kids just need to be nurtured so they bloom and grow.

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