Friday, June 5, 2015


 -- Poetry -- 

Well, it is time to share some of our original published poetry. The first will be an excerpt of Towards Understanding and the 2nd will be excerpted from our 2nd book of poetry - Rhythm and Rhyme

 Love Of A Many Face

Love of a many face, 
I shy from your disgrace.
Love of a many hill,
I won't let go of my will.
Tumbling, falling
Just tired of stallingl
Can't let it fade away,
Yet won't allow myself to beg.
My heart means so much more.
Yes, I step harder... than before.
Why jump blinded, headfirst
Into the never ending thirst?
Slowly, I watch and sigh.
Silently I smother my cries.
Trying to hold onto - what - I don't know.
But never, no never, let it show.
My eyes see danger up ahead.
Threatening to leave my heart stone dead.
Tonight, I caress my greatest fear. 
To love you always, and hold you near.

© Lillian Brummet

Towards Understanding 

 Living Disease

There are too many children
Walking the dirty streets
Too many children 
With this living disease

Where are the heroes?
They've succumbed to cement.
Where are the parents?
they're trying to pay the rent. 

When TV's baby-sit
And computers consume the rest...
Glued to cells and berries and pods
And one more list to do.

This use of knowledge 
Is dumbing down our world.
A lack of life skills
Leaves lives in a whirl.

Compliance to violence
Shaking hands admit defeat
Why don't we stand up
To this living disease?

© Lillian Brummet

Rhythm and Rhyme

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