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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

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This product review process happened very quickly, Sadia customer support manager for Zufy, connected with me around June 23rd regarding the Zufy Car Phone Holder and the order was processed on June 24.  Dave (my husband) picked it up on July 4th via postal service a couple miles on the US side of the border (we’re located in Canada), which happened to be when we were crossing the border again, but the shipping order stated it was estimated to arrive before June 29th, and Amazon is pretty good about being accurate about that.

Amazon shipped it in a cardboard box (10” long X 7” wide X 5.5” tall) with 5 Sealed Air brand ( inflatable packaging cells; which not only protects the product but also weighs less – so there is less cost in shipping and simply poking the packets and letting the air out will deflate the individual cells. The plastic film is recyclable and results in 33% reduction in petroleum-based packaging. If you don’t deflate the packets you can reuse them for your own shipping – or give them to someone who could use it (family, friend, business).  Interestingly, while most communities offer plastic recycling, the packaging company’s site (see above) also lists addresses you can send the deflated product to and they will recycle it into a variety of products ranging from trash bags to automotive parts.

The parts for the car phone holder itself was contained in a small grey-blue and white paperboard box, and it does require some minor assembly – taking about 5 minutes to do. Simply assemble 2 pieces together and apply a little force until you hear a click, and then peel the thin protective covering from the footrest and stick to your windshield in a position that will not impede your view, keeping in mind you may have headphone or charging cords dangling from the device.

It has a strong suction cup that will stick to windshields. The arm is adjustable to get the right direction and angle and the phone holder has a ball-style mount and that enables you rotate 360˚. Once assembled the whole thing can fold up upon itself as well, for easy storage. The padded, scratch-proof holder adjusts (range of 1.42”-3.26”) to securely fit any device including: MP3, MP4, mobile phone, GPS device or PDA device. My husband’s Samsung phone is in a protective case, and it fits perfectly. The beauty of a product like this is the convenience of being able to see who is calling, have your navigation at eye level or change music choices – without time consuming fumbling while waiting at a red light. By seeing who is calling or messaging you can more easily determine whether to pull over or not; otherwise if you don’t know who it is you might pull over and find out it wasn’t important – which can be time consuming and frustrating. Another bonus is the way the holder is designed – it allows you to record the trip or something happening in front of you.

The clamp arm width is 35-38 mm. There is a fast release vacuum valve clamp at the base for releasing the suction cup and repositioning it – simply press the valve to help lock the suction cup to the windshield. The cup arrives with a plastic protection film that needs to be removed before installing. 

The whole mechanism seems to be made of high quality ABS plastic – which is lightweight and can withstand over 150˚F – which is really nice, as it can get hot in the car in the summer. The company offers a 1-year warranty for this product. 

Dave has been using this product in our Jeep for a few days now and says he loves it - it is very convenient to use.

It retails on for $58.95 (US), but is currently on an amazing sale of $16.65. I’m not sure how long that sale will last however. Unfortunately it is not yet listed on

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Sadly I could not find a website for the company itself, nor was there any additional information re:  if they have in house recycling, social, conscious purchasing, or charitable policies in place. However, for those of you who would like to look into the company a little more check out their FaceBook page:

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