Thursday, August 20, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

Drinking anything outdoors can be a messy problem; glasses tipping over and their expensive contents oozing into the ground attracting wasps and ants and all kinds of unwanted visitors to your outdoor adventure. When camping – this can be an exceptional problem because strong scents (like alcohol) can attract bear, skunk and other large creatures to the campsite affecting your stay or the people who camp there after you. Wine, especially, can be hazardous in that the containers are awkward and fragile; they can easily shatter leaving broken glass (or plastic) with small, dangerous shards for unwary feet, hands or knees (and wildlife). Also, as we know from grade-school science, glass can reflect the sun so intensely that it can start fires. 2015 has been a horrible year for fires and people should be even more conscious of this during their outdoor adventures. Personally, every time we go outdoors we are looking for litter, especially glass, and cleaning it up as we go.

As we are avid outdoors people Dave and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with Angie Sutherland and John O’Toole of the Trinity Trades company (a.k.a. Outdoor Expression company) back in early July to arrange for the review of their “Outdoor Expressions’ Wine & Glass Holder” set. I’ve personally experienced the loss of many sets of glass and camping wine glass sets (either broken or lost and left behind) and saw the tragedy of a bottle of wine tipping over unnoticed and leaking all its contents onto the ground even though it was corked (obviously not very securely). We live in wine country (BC, Canada) and as such have a large variety of local wines to choose from – and we do choose from them as often as we can. Here in the Creston Valley (in the Kootenay region) there are 3 renowned wineries, a brewery and a new business coming that will, reportedly, be making spirits.

We had completed the arrangements and had the product ordered by around July 8th. The product was supposed to arrive around July 10th, Amazon’s guaranteed delivery date, I'm not sure of the exact date it arrived, however it was there for us when Dave visited the US postal service (we live a few miles north of the border) on his next trip which was July 11th.

Each of the 4 wine glass holders and the bottle holder were encased in a protective plastic bag (recyclable) and packaged in an appropriately sized white cardboard box is recyclable. The spiked ends (for sticking into the ground) have little plastic caps that pull off (protecting them in shipping from poking through the box).

This beautiful set is exceptionally well built from top quality stainless steel, manufactured to the highest standards, and comes with a lifetime guarantee – so you know that this set is durable. The wine bottle holder is shaped so that it can accommodate many different size and shapes of bottles, including pop. The dimensions for the bottle holder are: 10” (height) x 3.75” (width) x 4.5” (depth). The set includes four glass holders, and two soft, square cleaning cloths, (6.5” X 5.5”) similar to those you get with sunglasses or prescription glasses. which are similar to, and a bit larger than, those that are made for cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses. The bottle and glass holders have a 15” stem with a tapered end – making it easier to sink the stem into the ground. The company recommends using a screwdriver or similar tool to penetrate hard ground before inserting the holders.

The white cardboard box has a re-closable top, so you can reuse it to pack the lightweight set anywhere – to a concert, the park, outdoor games or barbeques, a gathering, a picnic, to the beach or camping… or even in your own yard.

Trinity Trades ( is a trading/e-commerce company that specializes in the research, development and production of high quality consumer products for the outdoor/leisure and lifestyle market. Their products are made from high quality, durable stainless steel, and are made available at several Amazon sites (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan). I won’t list all the sites here, just a few of them:

Retail list price on is $45.00 (US), but is currently on sale for $36.95 (US)

At, (Italy), (Spain) and (Germany) the price looks to be 38,50 EUR.

In the UK it sells on Amazon for 28.99 L

It is also available via Amazon in Japan, Germany and Asia… but it is unfortunately not yet available for Canadians, who will have to order it from the US and arrange to have it shipped from the States.

You can also find the company via these social networking sites:

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