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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

I was thrilled to hear from Lee VeldKamp, Amare Terra’s co-founder, around August 5th and learn about this company and their products. I had the honor of being invited to review two of their products: Natural Shoe & Foot Deodorizer – andNatural Home Air Freshener.

The products were due from to arrive on August 7th but due to the forest fires and some vehicle troubles on our end we were unable to cross the border (we live a couple miles North of the US border) to pick up the packages until August 15th. Each product arrived housed in a small, clear plastic bag, zipper style top, easy to open. Inside each bag was a small label from the company, printed on a sticker – so you can paste the sticker somewhere if you wanted to. 

Now you know I love to celebrate businesses that have social or environmental responsibility, charitable actions, volunteer policies and activities, in-house purchasing or "green" policies. Sadly few companies have these policies in place and those that do – all to often do not share that information openly. I think this is a real shame as today’s consumers really do care about these things. This company – (distributed by Capstone Holdings - WI, USA) – has a slogan: Love The Earth, which has to do with using all natural products for the home and body. Love The Earth is also the English translation for their company name (Latin) Amare Terra. They explain right on the product label that for every product purchase enables them to donate a month of clean water to someone in need. I found two different stats, both so close the difference doesn’t matter really but somewhere between 10% and 9% of your purchase goes to build wells in Africa that provide clean water. How amazing is that?! They are a small family run business with a team of 4 people working as a team to bring us 5 products with all natural ingredients. This company really cares and hopes that as their business grows they can do more to help rejuvenate the Earth, it’s peoples and creatures. They are so confident in their products that they offer a 100% guarantee.

Each product comes in a 2.5 oz. (74 ml.) spray bottle that appears to be stainless steel and is topped with a screw-on white plastic pump, which is covered with a plastic cap to ensure cleanliness. The bottle weights only .4lbs and is about 2”x2”x7” in size. Each bottle offers about 400 sprays. Both products are made in the USA, with premium quality, all-natural ingredients that don’t mask the smell but actually eliminate odors using chemical-free science-based technology and a blend of essential oils. Additionally their products are free of parabans and phthalates, and are never tested on animals.

The Natural Shoe & Foot Deodorizer is a welcome product here where my husband Dave goes through a pair of shoes long before they are worn out – they just become toxic. I’m hoping this lemon-mint deodorizer works. $6.95 on their site for one bottle or buy multiple bottles for discounts (2 for $12.95 –or- 4 for $22.95, etc.). Sadly it is not yet listed on, however you can find this product listed on where it had a retail price of $18.05 (US) that was slashed to $11.99 (US) but is currently (as of the writing of this review) on sale for $10.95 (US).

You can spray this product directly on your feet to help eliminate odor and also to ease dry, cracked and damaged skin (from prolonged shoe wear).  You can also spray inside your shoes each time you wear them for prolonged periods. Because the ingredients are natural, you’ll need to shake the bottle prior to using. The company cautions to keep the product out of the reach of children and to avoid spraying in the eyes. Upon unpacking this product I immediately went to our shoe shelves by the front and garage doors, visited our closets and our swim socks as well – spraying everything I could find. The scent stayed around for a few days, a nice clean lemon-mint smell, and while my husband did try to spray his work boots regularly – the sprayer stopped working after just a few days. Thankfully we have the other product and the bottles are identical. I’m thinking I can reuse the other sprayer when that bottle is empty.

The Natural Home Air Freshener comes in Lavender-Vanilla and can be used in the air, on fabric or even in the bathroom. While my home is kept very clean and I use all natural products in and around the home we do notice some areas being a bit smelly at times - this product will be most useful for our bedroom, where the scent can actually improve sleep, reduce stress and eliminate odors. I use it every night before bed and sometime in the morning as well. List price on their site is actually $14.05 but is currently on sale for $6.99 on their site for one bottle or buy multiple bottles for discounts (2 for $13 –or- 4 for $24).
Or visit where it is listed at $15.05 (US), which was slashed down to $9.95 (US)... but is now on sale for $8.95 (US).

Their site ( opens with a lovely video of a dog in a car with the window down, blowing its hair around, while it watches nature scenery passing by. They also offer 3 other products: natural mosquito repellent, sports odor eliminator and bathroom deodorizer. If you visit their site (mentioned earlier) you can find a little blog that offers tips for natural living and dealing with many of life’s pesky odor and pest problems. If you have time, check out their FaceBook page:

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