Saturday, November 26, 2016


-- Poetry -- 

Well, it has been an awfully long time since I shared any of my published poetry. I thought I'd toss one of my favorites in the genre of "environment". I always thought it would make a good song. lol A couple of my poems have been, actually, made into songs via local musicians. Interestingly, so had my late-father-in-law's poetry. Anyway this one is about the environment and can be found on page 120 of the first book of poetry I'd written: Towards Understanding (3rd edition).  If you look to the left side bar on this blog you'll see links to our books in both e-book and print. 

How can they be so cruel?

Yeah, I heard from a friend
Mother Earth's life will end. 
In explosions of death, sorrow and pain.
And they tell me the cause is men.
How can they be so cruel?

Yeah they hurt her, and purge her,
They burn her, and poison her rain,
They chop her down, right down to the ground.
Tell me why aren't they ashamed?
How can they be so cruel?

Don't all children treat their mothers
With anger and blame?
They'll hurt her, abuse her
'Til she cries out her pain.
Her restless children - untamed.

Now these children fight one another each and every day.
They are consumed with their own personal gain.
So they rob her and rape her, 'til she bows down.
And there's nothing left but unfertile ground.
Her violent children - untamed.

Now this mother, like all mothers,
Forgives all that she can.
And she still holds out her nurturing hand.
Though she dies - we just build more tools
How can we be so cruel?

Yeah, we rape her, we purge her, and poison her rains.
Cut her forests, burn her soil and feed on her grains.
We are stealing her soul, it's beyond her control.
We've got to stop it somehow - stop it right now!
How can we be so cruel?

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