Monday, December 5, 2016

Green Gift Ideas

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

As promised in my article offering some basic tips on greening holiday events (Dec 3rd), I'll now offer some really great gift ideas that really do have a positive impact on local economy, on the environment, socially and for the recipient as well. 

I do encourage you to read the first article (above) for other eco-friendly gift ideas.

Ok - while some of these gift items might seem strange, consider that the recipient will save money on their energy and water bills, they'll save time which means they'll be able to do other things or they'll be healthier. 

It is easy to combine a package of eco-themed items together as one gift as well. 

* Some of what you read below here was excerpted from Trash Talk Book 2

- A large sized low-flow shower-head, sink and tub aerators, hand held shower-head (eases cleaning)

- For the backroad traveler, camper or hiker: newspaper logs, emergency kit, bear spray

- For apartment or condo dwellers: a book on balcony gardening, balcony gardening supplies, indoor compost system

- For a home owner: Programable indoor thermostat control, compost bins, rain barrel, plants or trees

- For gardeners: membership to organizations; subscription to online magazines; locally built bird, bee, bat or butterfly houses, baths, feeders; gift certificate to local garden supply centers 

- For the wood worker: patterns for bird, bat, bee, butterfly, worm and compost bins, houses, feeders, baths, etc. 

- For those living in an older home: a kit of any of the following - draft cozy, LED lightbulbs, tubes of caulking, insulation kits for doors and windows, foam insulation to fill gaps, insulation inserts for wall outlets and light switches (for those located on either side of any exterior walls); hot water tank and hot/cold water pipe insulation kits 

- Books and magazines

- Brazil or cashew nuts (because they promote a living tropical rainforest), or locally produced nuts

- Items that are powered by solar or rechargable batteries

- Portable solar panels

- Indoor plants

- For the vehicle owner: tune-up or other maintenance related services/products/gift certificates

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