Sunday, December 4, 2016


-- Poetry --  

Today I'd like to share a poem from the most recently published poetry book: Rhythm and Rhyme (1st edition). 

This powerfully emotional piece was written within moments of a strange dream I had back in March 2011; only wisps of dream memory remained as I wrote this down in an attempt to capture the remaining strands on paper. Mom often used the phrase "building your castle in the sky", beaning to always dream of something better, to have hope. This poem can be found on pages 56-57 in the book.

-- Wings on a Breeze -- 

I dream of feathers;
Ruffled and rippling
By the force of the wind,
...Sounds like laundry on a line
Swept back by a brisk breeze.

I'm "Alive"
And I lament a life
of bitter resentment,
The terrible need for approval...
Now faded with her death,
Leaves this mind weighted down
By thoughts of sacrifice 
And loss.

A regret that childhood
Dared me the strength to support
While circumstances struck,
And struck and struck again.
Taking bits and pieces of her joy,
Her trust ...her strength
And with her soured look on life
I grew into a woman
- and her friend. 

She no longer fights the wind 
To stay afloat and fly
To that special castle in the sky
Today she soars without bruised wings, 
Nor battered body to hinder her.

While I,
Now in mid-life,
I, who never knew wings,
Have sprouted a pair.
So small, so awkward... 
Will they enable me to fly one day?
And try my own flight with the wind?

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