Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finding Effective Charities

-- Finding Effective Charities -- 

Many of us feel a little bit sceptical about giving to charities - A lot of questions commonly fire off rapidly as we are considering whether to give. "Is it really helping?", we ask ourselves, "Is it the best use of my donated dollars? How much is actually going to the cause and not going to producing magazines or recruiting more donors? How does this affect me or my family or my community?"

I truly believe many of us give in all kinds of ways - we participate in community fundraisers, charity drives through local businesses, calls for donations from our churches or announcements in our newspapers. We might drop our spare change in collection jars at the counter. The school our children go to might need help. We might leave our bottles and cans at the depot for the staff to donate the proceeds to a variety of programs, projects and charities they offer for their patrons to consider supporting. These are everyday activities for sure. 

Other ways of giving are through your time - just by participating whether it is through a charity or on your own makes a difference to and should be considered as charitable giving as well.

But if you have the opportunity to honor a departed loved one, or to donate for tax reasons or any other reason, but are just not sure where to find reliable resources... these can help you:

Check out is a “trusted” platform for finding a wide array of charities by searching location (i.e. Creston, BC) or key words such as type of charity or charity name. You can also find 2 blogs – GivingLife, which talks about giving while the other, CharityLife,, which inspires charities with helpful information ranging from tips to webinars and articles, tools and resources. – An American based evaluation service re: “greater transparency and demonstrated cost-effectiveness in the charitable world”. They also have a blog: – the mission here iis to “figure out how best to choose a career with high social impact”… “how to do good with our own working lives”. The organizations helps you find a fulfilling career that also allows you to make a positive difference in the world.

Two animal related charity evaluation services you may want to take a look at are:  
-and- – evaluates charities according to who produces the most effective results, helping people make informed decisions about where they are choosing to donate to.

Like, everything, you may not agree with every single one of the recommendations that those organizations above list for you – however they may just be the tool you are looking for. 

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