Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Recommended Resources

-- Recommended Resources -- 

Theme today : Inspiring discussions that highlight working with and empowering youth. Great for parents, grandparents and anyone involved with inspiring, caring for or educating youth. 

Ok, the first lecture presented by Kiran Bir Sethi shows how inspiring and empowering children enables them to take on local issues, lead other people and even change the behavior of the adults around them. 

Using technology to allow kids to put their own voice to explain and issue or story in their own words and how they plan on using their story or experience to make the world a better place. Learning scientifically - via process of elimination but also through mistakes.

My absolute favorit for the day is the following...

Once Upon a School – a volunteer based fun-loving environment created by local communities to develop programs that aide local school teachers by tutoring youth – bringing writers and others together with youth doing actual projects such as short stories, novels, books, newsletters and more:

 3 amazing lectures presented by very loving and caring people! ...Hope you enjoy them!

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