Saturday, March 18, 2017

recommended resources

-- Recommended Resources -- 

As many loyal readers know, we love to celebrate non-profit organizations, green businesses and inspiring groups who do amazing work in the world to make it a better place. Here's a few I'd like to highlight today:

 Malaria is a common and sometimes accepted disease of tropical and poverty stricken areas where mosquitoes thrive - however there are some issues with communicating the importance of the nets to citizens. For instance, many people prefer to sleep in the open air because it is cooler; while the nets can create a stuffy environment. There are many organizations addressing these issues, including the one listed below: – gives away durable bug nets to protect people agains the risk of malaria, saving thousands of lives every year. There are volunteer opportunities here as well for anyone interested in this.

This organization reaches out to 6 countries and enables rural farmers stuck in poverty to use their land, skills and learning abilities to transform their own land to being more productive and profitable. All donations are tax deductible and just $25/month can cover the field-costs of ending hunger for 12 farm families in their program, which includes about 50 children, for a year. As the farm income and family health improves, more children are sent to school as opposed to the field.

This organization works with the worlds most challenged areas; education is their first mission while they provide tools to aid farmers, health investments (like mosquito nets), solar lamps for their homes (removing kerosene lamps for instance) and safe cooking stoves. 

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