Tuesday, May 23, 2017

recommended resources

Recommended Resources:

Today's recommended resources all evolve around the topic of "sustainable finance and business practices":


...this is a great resource for anyone interested in small or large green roof top projects... you'll find innovative solutions for urban rooftop agriculture.  


This visual tour of land managed by a leader in the world of permaculture - you'll view  just 1/3 of an acre that is packed with both edibles and wildlife beneficial plants, and you'll find a great discussion presented by  Erik Ohlsen 


The last recommended resource for today: http://eempc.org/ 

... this link will lead you to the Environmental Education Media Project -which is dedicated to gathering, organizing and sharing information about how the world operates so that we can all - as a human nation - learn and understand the system in which we live and how we can play a better role in it. 

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