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The Brummet's Conscious Blog and our other blog, Drum It With Brummet, both accept queries for poems, articles, product reviews and interviews. Drum It With Brummet is geared toward musicians and music teachers with a heavy slant toward drummers and percussionists. While Brummet's Conscious Blog focuses on living consciously knowing that every moment offers a chance to create a better world. You will find inspiring quotes, helpful articles, intriguing interviews, informative product reviews, amusing stories, memes and whatever else we feel will interest our readers. 

Interviews are in Q&A format and fall within the realm of writing, the world of music, entrepreneurial, managing or volunteering with non-profits and maintaining blogs.

For instance
- an entrepreneur interview may discuss running a business, behind the scenes activities, time management, green in-house policies, tips to avoid pitfalls, marketing, encouraging advice and so on.

- an author interview varies with each author, their experience and the genre that they write in, however it may include: stories about their journey, advice, favorite marketing resources or promotion activities.

- a nonprofit interview will highlight the operations and activities of the organization, it will reveal the experiences of working in a nonprofit, social/community event participation, volunteering, managing networking, grant application and more.

- a blogger interview will share behind the scenes of managing and promoting a blog, possible networking opportunities, tips for time management and avoiding pitfalls, success stories, etc. 

We also accept queries for product reviews, however we do not offer book review services.  Feel free to send us your suggestions for specific-themed posts such as Just for Writers (tips and resources for writers) Recommended Resource (usually non-profits) or Kudo's (celebrating people or business doing wonderful things).

If you have an eco or community event coming up you'd like us to promote or an article, resource to share on one of our blogs, or to request a topic for us to cover, we are willing to take a look at it. 

We also publish inspiring quotes and poetry. We share helpful resources and also highlight inspiring non-profits in the Recommended Resource posts. We have a new section, published mid-monthly, titled Just For Writers - offering resources, marketing opportunities, tips, quotes and advice for writers. 

Be sure to keep in mind that we are often scheduling posts several months in advance. 

* All we ask for this free opportunity is that you share your post when it is published and recommend our blog to your contacts.  Feel free to "connect", "follow", "share", "friend", "like" or "favorite" us on the various networking sites you find us on.


- The article or interview must not read like an advertisement.

- Any religion, sexual or erotica content, politics, racism, selling or foul language will guarantee rejection. 

- 400 word articles are preferred but 250-700 word submissions will be considered.

- Poems naturally range in size; as such, writers are encouraged to submit several for us to choose from - we might publish 2 in one post if they are not too long. 

- Veranda font, text size 12 is preferred. Submit in Word as an emailed attachment. Alternatively paste your submission in the body of the email: No bold text except for the title itself, and refrain from using subtitles throughout the article to announce topic changes. 

- Include a mini-bio (50 words max.) and up to 2 URL's and 2 images.

- Previously published articles are fine. 

- Feel free to query a submission again in the future... or submit more than one, and if accepted they will be published a several weeks apart. 

Topics vary widely but fall within: "living consciously with the aim of having a positive impact". 

Some examples of this are:

"Green" - eco-living - eco-business
World of writing
Parenting re: music lessons, gardening, green living 
Business advice
Self-help - caregiving, health, advice
Teaching music
Gardening, agriculture
Alternative energy
Managing music equipment
Making a difference
Managing or Volunteering with a Nonprofit

Be creative, come up with some unique ideas and send your submission our way.

Contact us via  BrummetMedia.ca

Do you need content for your publications (blog, e-newsletter, e-bulletin, e-zine, print publications, etc.)?

Feel free to reach out to us - we adore networking and enjoy participating in interviews. We have numerous completed 10-Q interviews with us if you would like to do an interview with us but just don't have the time. 

Visit the links below to obtain free content for your publication(s)Each link below will supply you with different articles and poetry - and we contribute new articles to these accounts regularly, so do check them both out.  

And now ... a little about the Brummets 

Some shots of us having fun in Winter (Phoenix Mountain near Grand Forks BC, Canada 2009)

Dave and our fur-kids on Kootenay Lake - BC, Canada (December 2012):


Dave and Lillian Brummet have been writing professionally as a team since 1999. To date, they have 6 published books, including the recently released: From One Small Garden - Over 300 Delicious, Nutritious Recipes!  In May 2021, the Brummet's released a newly revised edition of their very popular guide for writers: Purple Snowflake Marketing - How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd

Dave is an accomplished musician, with more than 30 years experience teaching, performing, manufacturing and inventing drums, percussion and accessories. 
* Watch for announcements of their upcoming online store!

As members of the media, they are experienced online talk radio show hosts... having produced and the Conscious Discussions radio show 
 (a 1-hour talk radio program) for 10 years (2005-2015), which produced new broadcasts 3 times per week. Back in 2005-2007, Lillian also produced and hosted the Authors Read radio show featuring various authors reading from their published work. 

They currently run two popular blogs: the Brummet's Conscious Blog, that has been active since 2004, and Drum It With Brummet - for drummers and percussionists.  

The main focus of their work is to inspire hope in individuals, helping people realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive and proactive in life.

...and... They adore their furry family members !