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What Members of the Media Say:

"Thank you so much... Our conversation was sublime... I really appreciate everything you’ve done with it (the interview link)."  ~ Executive Director & Host (Self-Help Coaching podcast)

Thanks so much for being on the show! ...great job ...super interesting... I’ll have to have you on again in the future to continue the conversation! ...your email is so professional, I love the detail in it. You are a blessing to this world! "
  Jake Bollig (Go Find Nervous podcast)

"We would like to thank you for sharing your story with us and our audience. It was one of our best episodes to date and we learned so much from you. We really appreciate you posting and sharing the episode to your platform as well. We will absolutely keep in in touch and hope to have you again in the future" ~ Opinionated Podcast staff

"I can assure you that pleasure was all mine... We will definitely contact you for future projects, I love the way you write." ~ Valentina Drobnjak ( FirstSiteGuide  )

"That's the best interview we've ever had on here. You are awesome." La Reserva Forest Foundation's Climate Change - We Can Solve It radio show

"I have shared both posts across our network and appreciate you doing the same. Both of your posts helped to increase the authority of our blogs and are extremely well written." 
~ Phil Aston (SEO Content Manager The Garden Furniture Center)

"...You were amazing. You are really an inspiration and I am honored to know you."
~ Marilyn Shannon (host of the Breaking Free online streaming video program)

“Oh, Lillian!  Lillian!  Lillian!  Lillian!  I LOVED YOUR INTERVIEW!!  It's one of my all time favorites, and I've been interviewing for 6 years!!!  I felt so at home with you.  Wow!  You have a spirit that blesses this entire universe! I'd LOVE to have you back.”  ~ Denise Turney (Host of the Off The Shelf Radio program)

“Thank you for taking the time to be a guest on our show. It was a great interview!”  ~ Amber Bean  (Host of the Sound Authors radio program) 

"You had a great wealth of information to share. Every show is different and I love the diversity and openness.... You were excellent"  ~ Pamela Osbey (Host of the Literary Pizzazz radio show)

“I enjoyed our chat! You are amazing...” Caryn Colgan (host of the Good Spirited Radio program)

“I absolutely loved having you on the show today!” ~ Tami Principe (Host of the Women’s Re-Creation Radio show)

“It was a great show Lillian; thank you so much for your time - very informative. I would love to do a part 2 with you.”  ~ Trevor Carter (host of Free 2 Live 2 Radio show)

“Thanks so much, you were such a great guest and we definitely need to have you back”  ~ Christine Giri (Host of: Listen to Time Tamer talk radio show)

“We enjoyed having you on the show. I like the "Working with the Spouse" idea. Query us again in a couple months. That may be another good topic.”
~ Lee (host of the Brian & Lee Show)

“I quite enjoyed the interview and would love to have you back on the show in the fall sometime. Also here is the link to the interview. Thank you once again for coming onto the show had a lot of fun.” ~ Matthew Robinson (of The Final Cut radio show)

“WOW !! Thank you for being a great guest!! Hope you don't mind I extended the show to 1 hour at last minute - you had so many great things to share couldn't stop! I truly appreciate your inspiration and honesty - YOU are making a difference in helping the world be a better place - you already have with me.”  ~ Deb Scott (Host of the Grass is Greener talk radio show)

Radio & Blog Guest, Publicist, Networkers & Listener Comments:

"Thank you for such a well written review. I can see why you’ve won awards!"
~ Liz Mrofka (of Fab Fob Co.)

"...I have to say, as a publicist, it is a joy to work with you, you are one of the few professional and thoughtful persons I have ever worked with. You make my job easier!" ~ Lyn K. (of Lynk Public Relations)

"...it was a great interview. Thank you so much. I have to say that you are one of the most in depth interviewers I have ever heard Lillian. Your professionalism and kindness are appreciated more then you know." ~ Cyrene Jagger (PR Agent)

"You were kind, sweet, wonderful, and – here’s the professional part – a terrific interviewer. And, equally important, I just plain liked you as a person. Thank you for all you do to encourage writers, and to make this world a better place. Who knows, you might encourage the next great writer who makes this world a better place..." ~ Ken McAlpine (guest)

"Thank you so very much for having us on your show today!  We appreciate your help so much... and I would have hugged you if I could have reached through the phone! ...I love what you do!" ~ Marilyn Clements (guest) 

"...that was a  GREAT show - I loved how you made it truly informative and helpful to I'm sure ALL listeners, and I got to give a great plug to my firm. THANK YOU. " 
~ Marina Modlin (guest) 

"I have to say the letter and interview itinerary is definitely the most professional and well-organized of any correspondence I've received prior to radio or TV interviews...and that includes a studio appearance on CNN. You REALLY make sure your guests are well-prepared and ready to do justice to the opportunity you've provided them. I wondered...how did you come to be so competent in managing your shows literally weeks in advance?!! (Congratulations! Your hard work is obvious and very impressive!)" ~ James Kelly

"Thank you again for having me on the show and helping to spread the word of LRFF. I really enjoyed the experience and I am grateful for the conversations you generate in our society on conscious living. You are an inspiration!" 
~ Matt Lee (guest)  

“What would we do minus the marvelous ideas you share on this web site? Who else comes with the perseverance to deal with important topics in the interests of common visitors like me? I, and my buddies, are very blessed to have your site among the ones we often visit. We hope you know how a great deal we value your efforts!”  ~ (listener) Tomoya

I have much gratitude for being a guest on Lillian Brummet's show. She is an absolutely outstanding host.” ~ Gary Spinell (guest)
"This is the most professional prep I've ever seen, and I've been interviewed for years, both on radio and TV since 1988. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm looking forward to being just as ready to live up to your wonderful standards."  Frank Domenico Cipriani  (guest)

“I loved being on the show. It was fabulous. Thanks for all the publicity.”  ~ Doris Fisher (guest)

"You may be the best host I have ever worked with so thanks again for having me!"

"I want to thank you SO much for having me on your show today. You were a great host and allowed me to feel very comfortable - so thank you for that!  I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future."
~ Wendy Kay (guest)

“It was a joy to be a guest on your show today -- I loved our conversation and I am impressed and inspired by the rich questions you asked.” ~ Susyn Reeve (guest)

"I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Lillian on her radio show. Lillian is an exquisite radio host, asking meaningful questions, eliciting great conversation and addressing the issues that listeners want to have addressed. I recommend the show, and working with Lillian!” ~ Charmaine Hammond (guest)

“…Your program is one of my very favorites for booking my authors on; you are always well prepared, you do a terrific job and they always have a good time.  …You are such an easy going and easy interviewer! Thank you very much! I really appreciate this opportunity! …You are wonderful!” ~ Julie Schoerke (publicist)

“You are an EXCELLENT interviewer. You can tell that you LOVE doing what you do. It really was an enjoyable hour (it went by fast!).”  ~ Kim Malchuk (guest)

“I had a great time, and my appearance really boosted my sales!”  ~ Jonathan Maxwell (guest)

"Wonderful host, wonderful guests, wonderful topics...thanks, Lillian, for making each visit enjoyable!!" - Dayah (listener)

“Thank you Lillian. You are an excellent interviewer. I really enjoyed this! … great show & thank you again!”  ~ Dyan Garris (guest)

“I am frequently a guest on radio shows and podcasts, but I must say that Lillian is one of the best interviewers I’ve had the privilege of working with. She is a very organized producer who plans everything in advance. Her attention to detail creates a professional show with high-quality content and great listener appeal.” ~ Yvonne Perry (guest)

"Your show is so impressive! You really know how to ask the right questions and gift your listeners a great feeling moving Towards Understanding! Thank you"  ~ Host of the Life Trekking Coach radio show (Listener)

“You do a great show! That was so much fun”  ~ Sheryl Kayne (guest)

“I must thank you for an exciting and joyful experience this morning!  It was very rewarding, especially because we got to talk about more than just the book, but many of the personal things that inspire my writing.  And I must say, you are not only one of the most prepared hosts I've talked to, your sending me the script was a great help too!  Thank you so much for that too" Debbie Jordan (guest)

“I had a great time on your show! The hour went by so fast.”  ~ Maria Andrade (guest)

"I want to thank you for the opportunity of interviewing on your radio show. It was a very pleasurable experience"  ~ Shirley Roe ( guest)

"I had such a great time talking to you today... I think you're absolutely fantastic, and I felt we could chat for hours and hours on end... You are doing such wonderful work"
~ Sally Shields (guest)

“You truly are the "hero" you spoke of and really have inspired me. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity!”  ~ Carol Denbow (guest)

“Thanks Lillian (and Dave) for having me on the show.  What a wonderful host you are!”  ~ Prill Broyle (Guest)

“Thank you for having me. I enjoyed the process and the opportunity.
You're a wonderful host.”  ~ James Martin (guest)

“You are a gracious interviewer and I felt very validated. I especially loved your calling the book a legacy. I love your phrasing and hope it will become that. … Thanks again for the interview and for all you do to help the world.”  ~ Lynn Goodwin (guest)

Keep up the good work you are making the world a better place for our young people.”  ~ Host of the Free2Live2 radio show (listener)

I like what you are doing.  ~ Rita Schiano (listener)

“Thank you for your Latest Show on Cancer… Wonderful!”  ~ Host of It’s Time to Breath radio show (listener)

“Love your show! We heard you over on Nature Lady. Glad to have found you!” ~ Parents & Kids talk radio show hosts (listener)

“I had a truly wonderful time speaking with you today. I love your interpersonal style and genuineness, and of course your belief in rescuing dogs.”  ~ Mavis Donnelly (guest)

“You did a neat job of planning! …I have already begun to get emails from the program!!”  ~ Alan Tratner (guest)

I've received two comments already about today's show - one from Sweden and one from California…”  ~ Lee Channing (guest)

“…You’re an excellent interviewer, and we greatly appreciate the exposure for Inprint. I also enjoyed closing with the poems. Thank you for the invitation and your kind words.”  ~ Rich Levy (guest)

“…I love your show. Thanks for all you do.”  ~ Angel Lesa (listener)

I sat quietly and listened to the entire show, and I was captivated by the free-flowing like-minded discussion between the host and her guest. I found the content very nourishing and confirmed my personal style of internalizing loss and using the experience to prompt better living through humor. What a treat for me as a proponent of taking control of the grief process, as well as a surviving loved one who has loved and lost recently.”  (anonymous listener)

“I appreciate your reminder with the pertinent details. I have done a little over 30 hours of radio interviews since August and not many of the web radio hosts go to the effort that you do. I sincerely appreciate it! …it was a pleasure to be on your show; you are always so very well organized, I sincerely appreciate your professionalism.”  ~ Elizabeth Eagen Cox (guest)

“Many thanks for both giving me space to read …and for your kind words as well.” 
~ Sam Smith (guest)

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