Saturday, November 28, 2015

quote of the day

-- Quote of the Day -- 

Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain,
  Unraveled from the tumbling main,
And threading the eye of a yellow star: -
So many times do I love again.

~  Thomas Lovell Beddoes

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Friday, November 27, 2015


Overcome Procrastination

Today’s article will be divided into 2 parts; part 2 will be published on Nov. 29th

* Written by Hazel Palache – author, motivational speaker, founder of Your Stairway To Wealth, certified coach, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and stress management counselor. Hazel has been in the field of personal and professional development for over 20 years. She primarily works with women entrepreneurs 40+ who want to work less hours, have a more balanced life with financial freedom. If you have any challenges or want input she offers a no obligation complimentary 20 minute phone chat. Visit to download the free e-book and to find more information about Hazel, coaching and hypnosis.

“Procrastination is opportunity's assassin." 

~ Victor Kiam

For many years I allowed fear to become my greatest driver. And, procrastination became my default position! I know what it's like to put off taking the action that can help you to grow a strong and successful business and a full empowered life.

I also know what it's like to do the same thing in relationships, with friends or family and even with bosses when something needs to be said that might result in conflict. However, this article is about not allowing fear to become so powerful that instead of opening doors to success, procrastination sabotages any positive results that you could have achieved.

These are some of the techniques I used to move past procrastination. Use what works for you and of course ignore what doesn't. First, procrastination is just a word in your mind and doesn't exist unless you allow it to!

What do I mean by this? If you start telling yourself you are a procrastinator, that's what you will become because that's how you 'see' yourself. The dictionary defines the word procrastination as stopping and waiting to act because of fear or doubt and wavering about what you want to do. If this is the case, it's obviously just a word and habit that you learned. This means, you can also unlearn and re-learn so you change the behavior and perceive things differently.

When you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, especially if you have a home based business, it's very easy to put off doing things you don't find especially enjoyable and yet, often people who procrastinate work much longer hours almost as if spending more time will make up for what you are not doing. However, working longer hours and being busy does not equate to being productive.

Maybe you don't know where to begin or you doubt yourself and your skills so it becomes more comfortable to do the things you know you are capable of completing instead. However, the 'bigger' things don't just disappear in fact, if anything, when you put off important projects things get really backed up and you then find yourself overwhelmed because there's so much to do.

If the only thing that procrastination does is to create stress and overwhelm why do you suppose so many entrepreneurs do this?

The first reason is often F.E.A.R. It's so much easier to do something you like rather than find out that what you really need to get done might not work. It's also a way not to even acknowledge the doubt and fear you may have because when you're busy you don't have to acknowledge the reasons. It's really OK to have some fear, in fact it's quite normal, especially when you are doing something new or you want to do something and don't know how it will affect your life or your business.

Whatever the reason behind your procrastination, the first step is to get really honest with yourself. This means, as much as you may not want to, you need to become much more conscious about your thinking so you have the ability to recognize and control those thoughts if they come up and change the behavior to something that is more productive for you.

Is procrastinating worth it? I can tell you from personal experience and that of my clients that it's not. Procrastination just ends up draining your energy and sabotaging your success.
When you can look at the reasons for this behavior and you have some plans in place, procrastination can become a thing of the past. I'm not going to tell you that you will never ever procrastinate again! You're human. It's about how quickly you recognize what you are doing so you can change the behavior immediately and get back on track.

You can overcome this habit. Simply revise your programming. It's really quite simple! If you don't like the program in your mind, just like a TV, change it!

Look for part 2 on November 29th!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Content Marketing for Non-profits

Content Marketing for Non-Profits

* Written by: Wayne Elsey - author of "Not Your Father's Charity: The Rise and Fail of Charities And What You Can Do To Be Ready".

Recently I came across a report from Blackbaud, the Content Marketing Institute and Fusion Spark Media. It's an excellent presentation and feel that it is something executive leaders should be reading, not just marketing and fundraising staff.

Content marketing is the value your organization provides to its donors and supporters. The content you share is relevant to your users. In addition, it is something you provide consistently. It helps inform and educate your followers. In return, content marketing helps you gain new supporters. From that you measure your performance in engaging them.

Going back to the Blackbaud report, here are some interesting statistics regarding nonprofits and content marketing:
  • 86 percent of the most effective marketers have someone who is responsible for its strategy. That's very important. Someone has to have the responsibility and accountability for developing the content marketing strategy, overseeing it and reviewing performance.
  • 92 percent of nonprofits use content marketing. This number I was pleased to see. I know many nonprofits struggle to make an investment of time and resources into their marketing efforts. So, it's great to know that the vast majority of organizations are doing content marketing and not operating in a silo.
  • 25 percent of those who do content marketing have a strategy of those, 52 percent consider their strategy "highly effective". This number helps us know that there's still work to do on the planning. You need a road map. And on that road map, you need to have milestones that allow you to evaluate success. I'm sure those with a strategy are probably much more successful in content marketing than those who use a scatter shot approach.

The report also listed the top 8 metrics for measuring content marketing success by non-profits, in order of importance:
  1. Increased fundraising revenue.
  2. Increased web traffic.
  3. Social media sharing.
  4. Increased number of those served.
  5. Increased loyalty from supporters.
  6. Increased volunteering.
  7. Qualitative feedback from supporters.
  8. Subscriber growth.
It wasn't surprising to see fundraising revenue as the top metric for measuring effectiveness of overall marketing. The reality is that you need money to do great programs. And, as in for-profts, nonprofit dollars help make the wheels go round.
Note that the fourth measurement is to see an increase in the number of those served. After all, nonprofits are on a mission to better society. It's important that everything a nonprofit or social enterprise does leads to increased impact.
Finally, in reading the full report, I came across one question that I found to be particularly helpful. Blackbaud asked those surveyed, "What one tip would you share with a non-profit who lacks time and budget to do this kind of marketing well?"
My favorite response was the following one: "For non-profits without many resources, focus on delivering consistent content ...Be the go-to resource!"

That's exactly what nonprofits should be doing. They should be seeking to dominate, as I described in a recent article. In digital marketing, there is an incredible amount of "noise." The only way to break through that is to focus your attention and be the loudest voice that comes through to people.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

quote of the day

-- Quote of the Day -- 

" When you're in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks."

  ~ Natalie Clifford Barney

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Use Vehicle for Marketing

Graphics on Vehicles 

* Today's article was written by Urvi Tandon, who invites you to visit these links for more information re: vehicle signage or vehicle graphics.

Ever wondered of how you can use your car for the purpose of marketing? 

Vehicle graphics is the latest trend that can be used effectively to market and also promote your business. This process can easily transform your ordinary vehicle into a very cost- effective tool in order to raise the visibility of your business. It doesn't matter whether your business has a single car or a dozen of vans, by using the custom vehicle graphics, you can easily wrap up your car with all the graphics related to your business or organization and let the public know about it. In simple terms, you can make the vehicle graphics a part of your overall plan of visual communication and reach a lot of customers in a very short span of time.

Different types of vehicle graphics:

  • Fleet Graphics - You can turn your trucks or vans into the mobile advertising machines with the help of a fleet of vehicles. This can help in raising brand awareness and you can go about your business as usual.
  • Trucks and trailers - You can also create a very cohesive look with the help of trailer and truck wraps. These branded vehicles can help in advertising your business with the help of every mile that has been driven. This will help in the generation of new leads and also help in advertising.
  • Vinyl Graphics - The vinyl graphics can help a lot in delivering the brand awareness mile after mile. It doesn't matter whether you want to drive traffic to your company website or a physical shop. It is always going to help your company, business and or organization.
  • Car Toppers - You can also turn all your delivery vehicles and taxis into a very power messaging tool. The car toppers can help the public to recognize your vehicle from a very far of place. It is one of the important tips to remember.
  • Car decals - These are bright and colorful custom decals that can help you to make all your vans, cars and trucks your very own.
  • Vehicle wraps - Vehicle wraps can help make your company, service or product larger than your life. You can apply the logo to your car from glass to fender and cover your van with your company colors and also product images. It is all going to work out very effectively.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Books - a Great Gift !!!

 -- Xmas Shopping -- 

I'm going to publish a series of articles here on this blog offering tips for you to consider over the holiday season and beyond, later in the new year for other gift giving occasions. Actually, I already started - with the article published on Nov. 17th. (Do check it out.)

I rarely do blatant self promotion on this blog - instead I rely on the links in the side bars and at the bottom of each post. Yet it is a peak time of year for gift-giving and I do have to at least make a point of our products. 

If you look to the upper portion of the left-hand side of this blog, you'll find a list of links under the heading : Find The Brummets  ...and there, we also have links to both the e-book and print versions of all 6 of our books. 

I hope to have our new website (it will be  up this weekend however in the meantime please do visit those links. 

Below, I've placed a brief description of the book topics and publisher links for e-book and print versions of each title, but feel free to use your favorite retailer (i.e.,, & others...). 

We truly appreciate your support - you help keep this blog and all our other efforts going... and you help us raise funds for a variety of charities (we donate 10% of our business income to charity).  

Book Info:

*E-books are available in: HTML, JavaScript, Kindle (mobipocket), Epub, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc (PDB), and Plain Text.

Rhythm & Rhyme:  ...1st edition 

Synopsis: Dave and Lillian Brummet share their individual poetry writing styles that express their passions for nature, love, animals, music and real life experiences including the loss of family members. Dave and Lillian team up and share their poetry in this new collection. Their different writing styles are at their best in this incredible new book.
Genre: Non-fiction - Poetry - Life Experiences
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Trash Talk – It’s Easy To Be Green Book 1 ...3rd edition

Synopsis: This book is packed with ways to re-use and re-purpose waste. Trash Talk inspires the reader through education about recycling, offering tips on reducing, refusing and rethinking "waste" issues. Save money at the same time too!
Genre: Non-fiction - Green – Environment – Money

E-book List Price: $6.99 US
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Trash Talk – It’s Easy To Be Green Book 2 ...3rd edition

Synopsis: This second book in the series offers more ways to live life with a smaller ecological footprint. Split into three parts: Living Consciously – Gardening – Energy and Water. It goes beyond recycling and reusing and looks at reducing and other green activities that individuals can easily employ at home, in their office or condo.
Genre: Non-fiction - Green – Environment – Money
E-book List Price: $6.99 US
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Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd  ...3rd edition

Synopsis: For the average author marketing and promoting is an exhausting mystery. All the tools and tips for developing that marketing plan are here in this step-by-step guide. This book is packed with value, with over 1000 resources for authors to access.
Genre: Non-fiction – Book Marketing – Book Promotion – Writing
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Towards Understanding  ...3rd edition

Synopsis: Written in chronological order, it is a true story of a young pre-teen female growing up on her own, struggling to survive, breaking the chains of inner demons and finally growing towards understanding of her value and purpose in life – but not quite reaching it. Thus the title: Towards Understanding.
Genre: Non-fiction – Poetry – Survival – Abuse – Family
E-book List Price: $3.99 US  
Word Count: 20,356
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Print List Price: $8.99 (US)
Page Count: 152
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ISBN-10: 1475221703

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Jump Start For Writers  ...1st edition 

Synopsis: This small book will encourage readers to reach for their dream of seeing their work published. Discover what it takes to prepare for a book release, tips on working with another writer, networking, time management tips, and answers to common writer questions.
Genre: Non-fiction - Writing – Book Release – Publishing – Networking
E-book List Price: $.99 US
Word Count: 11,217
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