Tuesday, November 25, 2008

inner voice

-- Quote of the Day --

“Beyond all the pain and tortures of love, a peaceful harmony rises above..
A song so soothing – yet vengeful alike; a song of such emotion can make it seem all right.
When I’m feeling down – either high or out of control,
I hide deep inside the songs and the music feeds my soul.”
~ Lillian Brummet – Towards Understanding

-- Conscious Discussions --

Wendy Victor joined me today on Conscious Discussions talk radio to discuss her insights into seeking the inner voice, learning how to trust and listen to it, and how we can use this to forward our everyday life. Wendy is an educator, historian, preservationist and a certified Feng Shui ( pronounced "fung shwey" professional. In the past, she has also worked as a research associate and as a curator for various museums. Wendy is also the author of “The Luminous Heartbeat,” and we touch on this as well during our discussion.

To access todays archived interview simply click on the link for Conscious Discussions on the right of this site, click on the hyperlinked show title here in the blog itsef, or click on the image below - either will get you there :)

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