Thursday, December 11, 2008

Transition from writing to film...

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Today's guest on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show was Nancy Fulton - writer, director and producer for NO BETTER FRIEND. With more than twenty years experience as a professional writer, publisher and filmmaker she has managed many teams of creative professionals facing hard deadlines, and has repeatedly demonstrated the technical and creative skills required to deliver projects on time and under budget. In December 2005, Nancy released the grass roots documentary BACK FROM IRAQ: The US Soldier Speaks, and three related one hour documentaries about soldiers. Those products are now available through Amazon. Her previous experience involved working with major publications & writing companies.

The discussion today evolved around the transition from writing to film. We learned about the keys to a good film (know the story and the focus, know the audience, packaging) and looking at contracts for limited theatrical release or DVD distributorship... we learned about sites like and We also touched on staffing, insurance and finances involved in film - for this, Nancy recommends:

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