Friday, December 26, 2008

Writing to leave a legacy

-- Quote of the Day --

“…Writing, for me, is a very special very intimate form of communication with other people. Through writing I get to go inside a place, deep inside myself and also deep inside another person. …So that it is part of what I love about writing, but for the process of writing …you know when I was quite young my father, a writer himself, said to me ‘writing is rewriting’. …I rarely put a sentence down on a page that I am satisfied with the way it is. …If you were to judge my writing on what I wrote in a first draft I don’t think that I would be considered all that great of a writer. But the talent that I do have is to somehow intuitively know what is wrong with it and what it needs to make it better.”
~ Queenelle Minet 10/7/08

This interview with Queenelle Minet aired on Oct 7, 2008 on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. During this interview we discussed how authors can live a life of passion through their writing. Queenelle's passions evolve around environment and social issues and she interweaves these passions into her published work as well.

Find out how by clicking on the hyperlinked show title here in this blog or by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this website. The interview can be found in the list of Archives (under the links on the right side of that site) under October 7th, 2008.

-- Announcement --

I am thrilled to announce a new interview that I was invited to participate in by the "Stop, Drop, and Read" blog, managed by Diana Dang - a teenager. Diana's blog has a beautiful and calming ambiance and though it mainly focuses on Japanese graphic novels and young adult fiction, you can always find a bit of everything. I truly enjoyed the interview experience with Diana and felt her questions were excellent. Her interview focused on how the we use writing as a tool to leave a legacy. We also discuss some interesting and inspiring ways the average individual can make a big difference on the health of the planet. I encourage our blog readers to visit the Stop, Drop and Read blog at:

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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