Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ethnic Animosity Redefined - writer's info !

-- Quote of the Day --

“When successful and confident a person relaxes a little and enjoys his life and in this way he becomes vulnerable. When successful he fears losing his position of power. When confident he fears losing control. When relaxing he fears the necessity of returning to work. Alternatively those who are unsuccessful have little time to relax and live in fear of everything their whole life – Neither can appreciate the moment.”
~ submitted by Joanne Siewert

-- Conscious Discussions --

Donald Greco, a former professor from the University of Toledo, was the featured guest of the day on Conscious Discussions talk radio show. Donald joined me in a discussion about ethnic animosity – why it existed, where and why it still exists – how it has changed. Donald’s background is coming from an Irish Italian genetic pool, which the America of that time disliked intensely. He has written a fiction novel with a message about this time in America’s history and how we can apply it to today’s intensely multicultural world. Donald has a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of education and a Doctor of Philosophy – He has served as a mathematics professor at the University of Toledo for more than 35 years. As such, he has seen a lot of change in society’s through the youth that pass through his classes. During his tenure, Donald acted as the president of the faculty senate and was a member of the American Association of University Professors and served as a rep for the Ohio branch of the American Federation of Teachers. What a wonderful opportunity we have to tap into his incredible pool of knowledge and experiences today!

To access today's archived interview whenever it is convenient to you - look to the right on this page for the link for the Conscious Discussions show or click on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog.

-- Announcement --

I’m very excited to announce that the final manuscript for the 2nd edition of our 3rd book – Purple Snowflake Marketing - is in the publishers hands. Dave, my partner and husband, has been busily putting together the various images for the book and the new Purple Snowflake Marketing book cover (front/back/spine) – which looks fantastic so far. That will be the last item before the new edition goes into the printing process. I am told it will be available in numerous formats including e-book, print and others in early March 2009. Until the 1st edition is still available as an e-book. ... I'm so excited!!!

-- Writers! --

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