Friday, January 30, 2009

Green Business & Sustainable Management Practices

-- Eco-Event ! --

Jan 31 - Feb 2: Climate Summit in Canberra, Australia -

-- Quote of the Day --

“When I began to have a more open relationship with my employees and I understood I have the opportunity to manage holistically, I can manage to the whole person. Which includes whatever the energies are that you bring to the workplace. Understanding that we can tell people to leave your emotions at the door and whatever your personal problems are – but that doesn’t happen. …Creating an environment that allows people to grow; I now have an opportunity to create a whole person who is not leaving the workplace stressed – who now is in a better position to parent, who now is in a better position to contribute to the community. …When I hear business who want to manage with negative energy (harassment, restriction, dictatorship management mentality) it is actually counterproductive to where you want to be. …All organizations are energy systems and this is dependant on the energies of the individuals that make up that system.”

~ Victoria DePaul – Dec 9, 2008

This quote was excerpted from an interview with Victoria DePaul that aired on Conscious Discussions talk radio show. To access this archived interview simply click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right of this screen for the Conscious Discussions link.

-- Green Your Business --

Greening the business can involve very simple actions that can have immense impact on the financial stability and sustainability of your company. Consider some of these ideas when looking at ways you can immediately have an impact on the planet:

Replacing travel with video or teleconferencing will have a huge impact on the budget and the fossil fuels your business generates. Reducing paper waste by using digital documents rather than printing copies out has saved companies millions - literally. Staff who are on the go and out of the office can incorporate hand-held devices which allow customer signatures to be recorded, among other things. Businesses can also choose to print double sided and creating an office rule of re-using paper that is only printed on one side as draft paper for the printing machine or for scrap paper for note-taking. Technology improvements can save the business a lot of money such as updating a data-center to use less power, or setting up racks in the data-center to reduce heat waste. Streamlining the supply chain to reduce fuel consumption is another consideration. Purchasing supplies with the environment in mind, everything can be greened – even the bathroom paper products and cleaning products.

According to the Info-world website ( "activities required to collect, store, and distribute products or services {should also be considered by business owners} One example here is UPS: The organization has a flow software program that helps delivery trucks eliminate left-hand turns from their routes. "In 2007, it saved 3 million gallons of gas -- equivalent to $8.4 million (using the 2007 average retail price of gasoline of $2.80 per gallon) and 32,000 tons of CO2 emissions."

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