Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interviews, interviews :)

-- First Chapter Project --

...a site owned & operated by Marti Talbot that "lets you read the first chapter before you buy a book" - Lillian & Dave's three books are listed here; click on the titles: Trash Talk, Towards Understanding, or Purple Snowflake Marketing to view the 1st chapter of each of these books -

-- Conscious Discussions --

Desalination Plants, Answer to Water Woes? - Diane Tegarden is returning to Conscious Discussions to discuss her passions for alternative power, specifically her knowledge of desalination technology, which removes the salt from seawater. According to our guest today, this technology could very well be the answer to future water issues.

To access today's interview - which airs live at 10 AM Pacific - click on the hyper-linked show title in today's blog post or look to your right for the link to the show. Today's episode will be archived indefinitely so you can refer others to listen to the show at their convenience -- Any time of day, no matter where they live on the planet - people can access our show free.

-- Interviews this Week with the Brummets --

Jan 22: Author Interviews by Marsha Coles... - Marsha interviews Lillian about the world of writing.

Jan 24: Host Trevor Carter and Lillian Brummet will continue their discussion on the business side of the world of writing. Join them in Part 3 of "Help I am a Writer; Need to Get My Book Seen" - at 10:30 AM (Pacific): *This interview was previously scheduled for Jan 18, however due to technical issues the show was rescheduled for this upcoming Saturday. Part 1 aired on Nov 23, 2008 and Part 2 aired on Dec 2, 2008.

-- Looking for a unique, lasting gift for Valentines? --

Please consider supporting the work that Dave and I do with this blog, our newsletter, 2 radio shows and our other endeavors by purchasing one of our 3 published books as a gift for those on your list this Valentines Day. Remember 30% of the royalties we receive from book sales go to charity! Towards Understanding would be perfect for anyone who enjoys poetry, Trash Talk would be ideal for anyone who wants to live more consciously and save money too; and Purple Snowflake Marketing is a guide for authors to develop an effective marketing plan. For purchasing information visit our website:

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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