Friday, January 9, 2009

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-- Authors Read --

Marlene Caroselli is the award-winning author of 55 business books and is an international keynote speaker and corporate trainer. Our regular listeners may recall that Marlene joined us here on Authors Read in August 18 & Sept 26th (2008) to read excerpts of two short stories from one of her books "The Argument" & you can find these archives listed on the right hand side of the Authors Read website. Marlene shared a humorous short story, titled "Fix Your Own Supper!"with us today. To access this archived author's reading simply click on the hyper-linked show title here in today's post or look to the right of this site for a link to the Authors Read radio show.

-- Quote of the Day --

“…If you are the kind of person that is still wondering what you want to be when you grow up and you are 50 (she laughs), I would say to mix it up a little bit; major in reality – minor in dreams; do something every day that scares you. …We expect that some change will happen, but really if we keep doing things the same way nothing really happens. …Objects in motion stay in motion; objects at rest stay at rest. People tend to make these either or situations in their life and that is where the major in reality – minor in dreams comes in. …Anytime something makes my heart rate increase I try to walk into it rather than walk away from it. …a lot of times {people} will think ‘oh my gosh I have to climb Mount Everest today’. (she laughs) …But it is those simple things that add up and I think they change you almost molecularly and over time you become a bolder person.”
~ Prill Boyle 08/19/08

I thought it was appropriate, with starting a New Year and all, to share this particular quote with you today. This quote was excerpted from an interview with Prill that aired on August 19, 2008 at the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. This interview focused on "blooming beyond ourselves". To find this interview simply click on the hyper-linked show title, or look to the right for the Conscious Discussions link.

-- Announcement --

* Please be patient with me over the next few days; I am currently completing the final touches to the manuscript for the revised, 2nd edition of our 3rd book - Purple Snowflake Marketing. (new edition release: Late Feb 2009)

Next week I'll be crunching away at getting the outlines for February's radio show guests (there are 17 or so to put together) and then I should be back to normal. I've been inundated with guest applications and have both shows booked into May, 2009 - which is a wonderful feeling.

I will try to respond - at least briefly - to all of the emails, comments on our sites and other communications that come our way - but please do be patient with me for the next week or so. I'll be back to "normal" by the 3rd week of January.

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