Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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-- Eco - News --

Businesses and organizations are no longer waiting for international governments to initiate immediate positive change for the world. Examples of this can be found in every community across the planet. I'd like to share two stories of some amazing steps towards a more positive, ecologically conscious world:

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. announced on September 18, 2008, that it has developed a series of breakthrough painting technology that includes a streamlined process, which requires less painting equipment than usual and therefore cuts carbon dioxide
emissions and volatile organic compounds by up to 50 percent.

More recently, I read in the Japan for Sustainability Newsletter (www.japanfs.org) that the Hokkaido Green Fund, a nonprofit organization, is installing a community wind power farm in Wajima City. The article stated that "The Hokkaido Green Fund has played a significant role in installing community wind power in Japan". Japan's wind turbine farms are called "community wind power" because local citizens can participate in the project in such ways as providing investment. This is far from being the first wind farm in Japan; in the last 7 years alone 11 wind turbines have been installed throughout the country

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Topic: The World Of Writing; According to Michael West

Michael Lee West has written numerous popular books; her latest one, Mermaids in the Basement, was preceded by: American Pie, She Flew the Coop, Mad Girls in Love, Crazy Ladies and Consuming passion. She is also the manager of the outrageously popular blog known as "Gotham”.

Want to know how to run the career like a business? Do you have a marketing plan? Wondering how you can feel confident in the publisher you choose, the contract you have signed or how to even start this process? ...Then join us for what promises to be a very interesting discussion on the world of writing: http://www. blogtalkradio. com/consciousdiscussions - 10 AM (Pacific) - the show will also be archived for anyone across the planet to listen to at their convenience.

Do you have questions about the world of writing? There are several ways to get us to cover your questions.
You can join in the live discussion by going to: www. blogtalkradio. com/consciousdiscussions From there you can either call in with your questions - or -

Preregister as a listener www. blogtalkradio. com/register. aspx - and join in the live chat room during the live broadcast. You can use your keyboard to interact, network and ask your questions.

Alternatively, you can email us - email is LDBRUMMET -AT- YAHOO -DOT- COM

Location & time:

http://www. blogtalkradio. com/consciousdiscussions - 10 AM (Pacific) - the show will also be archived for anyone across the planet to listen to at their convenience.

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